A Harvest of Memories

A Harvest of Memories

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 5th 2015

I love white pumpkins and the beginning of fall. This is a fun and easy project using a simple wood block, a few paints, paper and some finger painting. Add one of these to your fall decor or make a few to give away! 

Items Needed:


Stain wood block with Raw Umber, allow to dry and wash Carbon Black over the Umber. Allow to dry. 

Cut out your pumpkins from your Decou-Page Paper or book paper.

Instruction Image #2

Apply Drying Time Extender and begin layering colors onto pumpkins in the following order. Titan Buff, Dark Grey Value 3 and Titanium White. Using a liner, create separation lines using Grey Value three.

Instruction Image #3

Add tints of Sap Green, Raw Sienna and a mix of Titanium White and Dioxide purple. Work until satisfied and finish with Titanium White highlights. Stems are simply RawSienna. Darken base with Raw Sienna, followed by dots of same. 

Instruction Image #4

Finish by dabbing colors from your palette onto fingers and dab underneath design. Leaves are washes of Vermillion. Sap Green veins. Add a few faint Vermillion leaves onto the foreground. Add dots of Vermillion, SapGreen brush mixed with Titan Buff, and Raw Sienna. Line top stem with Titanium White. Add lwords with Matte Medium and brush Raw Sienna around lettering, dabbing a small amount onto words.. For more fun, add more pumpkins, leaves and words to edges! Happy Fall! 

Instruction Image #5

Thanks Everyone!

Instruction Image #6