Americana on Canvas: Abstract

Americana on Canvas: Abstract

Posted by DecoArt on Jun 29th 2016

Often, you will see some abstract art and immediately think, "geez, I could splatter paint on a canvas" and guess can! However, we find it is a lot more difficult to come up with abstract art when you are staring at a giant blank canvas. No worries there! We've collected some abstract designs to get you started! Take a look at these inspiring pieces and see how you can change out the color palettes to coordinate with your decor. You might even combine elements from a couple of the paintings to put your own unique spin on them. 

Just pick up some of our high-quality Americana Acrylics and a canvas from your local store to get started. And whatever your create, we want to see it! Share with #decoartprojects so we have a chance to be inspired by you!

Craftberry bush
ARTIST: Lucy Akins (Craftberry Bush)
See how Lucy of Craftberry Bush used her children to create this bright, cheery work of art. There are no rules on this one... use whatever colors your heart desires!

Americana on canvas
ARTIST: Micaela Spiggle
I wanted to make something using a water droplet technique and have two colors show through. I have seen many mixed media backgrounds done thus way but then in mainly gets covered. Instead, I wanted this effect to be the focal point of this painting. I started by base coating the entire canvas Dazzling Metallics Splendid Gold and let that fully dry. Quickly paint over entire canvas with Mulberry and then quickly add drops of water randomly. Leave sit for 2 mins and dab with paper towel. Then outline some circles loosely with Deep Turquoise.

aboriginal triptic
ARTIST: Angela Barger
I first laid these canvases out on the floor and determined the spacing. Next I used round objects from around my house (paint bottles, cups, hairspray cans, etc.) to create the large and medium sized circles. I next used a ruler to connect the circles randomly. The background was painted with Lamp Black. The two outside canvases were accented with Indian Turquoise and the center canvas with Deep Turquoise. I then completed the painting by adding randomly sized dots in Titanium White. The end of a paintbrush makes dotting an easy task! You can easily control the size of the dot and they seem to always come out perfectly round.

Pink and gold Ikat
ARTIST: Micaela Spiggle
I wanted to make something soft with a lots of movement. I started with the parallel metallic zig zags. Then added Terra coral mixed with Titanium White. Then for the last layer I used Terra Coral by itself. This long piece would be perfectly displayed over a sofa.

Bright abstract
ARTIST: Felicity Greiner
Feeling inspired by colorful chipping paint, I decided to make an abstract painting. I painted the entire canvas black and then began to add layers of Dragon Fruit, Orange Twist, Lemon Yellow, Purple Rain, and Bahama blue with a large brush, intentionally leaving the brushstrokes. Once I was happy with my layering, I added some polka dots, numbers, and black scribbles for added depth in texture.

Marbled look
ARTIST: Micaela Spiggle
I first picked out some pretty Americana colors: Coral Blush, Terra Coral, Deep Midnight Blue and Dazzling Metallics: Splendid Gold and Peacock Pearl. I then squirted these directly on the canvas in a random pattern. Next, with a torn piece of cardboard I ran it over the wet paint in different directions being careful to not make it too much of a muddy mess.

Which of these abstract techniques will you try on canvas first?