Angel Carrier Basket

Angel Carrier Basket

Posted by DecoArt on May 4th 2016

Carry anything from plants to supplies for painting class in this heavenly decorated basket.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • tracing paper
    • soft cloth
    • #1 liner brush
    • stylus
    • fabric
    • black permanent pen
    • 3/4" soft mop brush
    • flat brushes
    • tin basket



    Adjust the pattern size to fit the sides of the basket.

    Use your choice of flat brushes throughout the project.

    1. Wipe down the inside and outside of the basket with a soft cloth to make sure there is no residue.
    2. Base the entire box outside with Aqua Sky. Let dry. Apply a second coat if needed. Let dry overnight.
    3. The oval background is Lamp Black. Soften the edges with a mop brush.
    4. When the basecoats are dry, transfer the angel and ribbon patterns to the basket surface.
    5. The wings are a medium wash of Warm White. Let dry.
    6. Shade the wings next to the angel's face with Lamp Black.
    7. Instruction #6
    8. Highlight the wing tips with Warm White.
    9. The plaid line work on the wings is Warm White with a Warm White stylus dot where the plaid crosses.
    10. The face is based with two coats of Flesh Tone. Let dry.
    11. Shade the outside edges with a mix of Flesh Tone and Burnt Sienna. (Use a mix you are happy with.)
    12. The nose is a liner stroke of the same mix.
    13. The cheeks are very thin Bright Salmon. (You can use the liner brush to "puddle" these in.)
    14. The hair is Tangelo Orange using the liner brush.
    15. Mix some Flesh Tone into Tangelo Orange and add some highlights to the hair with the liner brush.
    16. The eyes are Lamp Black.
    17. Base the circle of roses with Bright Salmon. Let dry.
    18. Shade with Deep Burgundy using a #12 flat brush.
    19. The highlight "petal" strokes are a 1:1 mix of Bright Salmon and Warm White.
    20. The dots in the center are done with Camel using the stylus.
    21. The large leaves are Desert Cactus, shaded with Plantation Pine.
    22. Highlight with a mix of Desert Cactus and just a tad of Warm White.
    23. The small leaves are Foliage Green and the dark leaves are Lamp Black.
    24. Using the liner brush, create the veins with a 1:1 mix of Desert Cactus and Warm White 1:1.
    25. The filler flowers are dots of Frosted Plum with a center dot of Camel.
    26. The ribbons and bows all around are Camel. Shade with Honey Brown, highlight with a 1:1 mix of Camel and Warm White.
    27. Repeat the ribbon and bows instruction from the previous step on all sides and the roses on the other side.
    28. Press finger dots inside the basket using Aqua Sky.
    29. Wrap the handle with a fabric strip and tie in a bow on top of the handle.
    30. Varnish with three or four coats of Soft Touch Varnish for a durable finish.


    Angel Basket Pattern