Apothecary Book Box Interior

Apothecary Book Box Interior

Posted by DecoArt on Mar 30th 2015

The other day, I shared this large Apothecary book box with you. But I only showed some techniques used on the outside. Today I am showing you the inside and giving some details on techniques used.

Items Needed:

  • Die Cut Chipboard Cogs In Various Sizes
  • Die Cut Chipboard Embellishments
  • Paint Brushes
  • Glue
  • Patterned Tissue Paper
  • Found Objects (old Jewelry, Metal Ornaments, Mini Bottles, Etc.)


Paint the inside of your book box with phthalo green-blue. Don’t worry about how random or streaky you make it. It will not be noticed by the time you are finished.  

Instruction Image #1

Add a coat of raw umber to the compartment side.

Instruction Image #2

Instruction Image #3

Using a decoupage medium, attach a piece of torn patterned tissue paper.

Instruction Image #4

Paint a thin coat of Quinacridone Gold over it. You can do this while it is still wet. Now set it aside to dry while you make your cogs and embellishments look rusty.  

Instruction Image #5

First give them a good coat of raw umber. You can allow them to dry naturally but you can also dry using a heat gun. I like to use the heat gun as I can concentrate the heat in areas and make the paint bubble up. This adds texture that works well with this simple version of a rust effect.

Instruction Image #6

Using a stippling brush or a sponge, stipple on your next color. Rust comes in many shades so decide what tones you want. I used Antique rose this time to give a reddish looking rust. I used the heat gun to dry (and bubble) it and then did the same step with Quinacridone Gold.  

Instruction Image #7

Stipple on some carbon black. You can repeat your layers and colors as often as you like until you have a look you are happy with.

Instruction Image #8

Arrange your embellishments and glue them into place.  

Instruction Image #9