Arabian Nights Jewelry Set

Arabian Nights Jewelry Set

Posted by DecoArt on May 21st 2019

Top off an outfit for an Arabian nights-themed party with a jewelry set shining with Craft Twinkles®.


    • scissors
    • craft glue
    • wooden embroidery hoops
    • rhinestone
    • drill
    • 1/2" paintbrush
    • tassels
    • wooden rings
    • eye pin
    • fishhook earrings



    Make the wooden rings into earrings before painting. You can use a tiny drill bit to put pins into the rings to secure the fishhooks to or wrap the pins around the rings to secure.

    Cut the purple rhinestone stickers into a single row for use on the bangles. Use the inner hoop of the embroidery hoops for the bangle.

    1. Remove the outer hoops of the embroidery hoops. (Use only the inner circles for the bangles.) Paint the bangles in Royal Purple, Marigold, and Desert Turquoise. Paint the wooden rings, used for the earrings, in Marigold. (See photo for color placement.) Allow to dry.
    2. Instruction #1
    3. Paint Galaxy Blue over the Royal Purple and Desert Turquoise bangles; paint Gold over the Marigold bangle and earrings. Allow to dry.
    4. Instruction #2
    5. Add bling, by adhering a single strip of mesh rhinestones around the bangles. Glue individual purple rhinestones to the earrings. Glue tassels to the under sides of the earrings.
    6. Instruction #3