Autumn Leaf Etched Lantern

Autumn Leaf Etched Lantern

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 26th 2015

Easy Etch Etching Cream turns a plain metal and glass lantern into a sophisticated fall accent.


    • water container
    • paper towels
    • tracing paper
    • scissors
    • painter's tape
    • X-Acto® knife
    • #0 liner brush
    • stylus
    • palette paper
    • swivel knife
    • stencil pick knife
    • cutting mat
    • multi-purpose spray adhesive
    • 1" flat wash brush
    • palette knife
    • grey transfer paper
    • 1/4" crescent brush
    • small stencil brush
    • medium stencil brush
    • manila folder
    • small squeegee
    • Con-Tact® paper
    • plastic bottle
    • metal and glass lantern


    1. Preparation: Gently remove the glass from the lantern. Wash the glass with soap and water and dry with paper towels. Set aside. Wash the lantern with soap and water and dry. Mix (2) parts Carbon, (1) part Rustic, and (1) part Rouge into the 4-oz. bottle with the screw top lid. This is your lamp basecoat color - should be a dark brown color. Save mix for later steps.
    2. Use a 1” wash brush to paint the lantern inside and out with the above mix. Let dry. Paint again and let dry. Save mix for touch up.
    3. Position two of the Americana Gloss Enamels Stick-On Fleur de Lis Stencils on one of the long metal columns so that they cover the length of one entire column. Secure with painter's tape. Run the tape on the other side of the stencil, blocking off part of the design. (See photo.) Pick up some Dimensional Effects with a palette knife.
    4. Instruction #3
    5. Apply the Dimensional Effects to the stencil as if you were frosting a cake: Smooth down the stencil in front of the paste with your left thumb and move the paste down the column with the palette knife.
    6. Instruction #4
    7. When doing the other side of the column, match up the stencil designs so that they meet at the corners. When going over the door hinges, you will need to cut one stencil apart. Clean the stencils well and allow to dry. Use the scallop stencil from the Americana Gloss Stick-On Elegance Stencil for the top rim of the lantern. HINT: Use a stylus to correct any unwanted texture paste.
    8. When the Dimensional Paste is thoroughly dry, put the stencil on top of the dry paste to act as a shield. Put out three puddles of paint: Venetian Gold, Worn Penny, and Silver Sage. Dip the small stencil brush into one of the paint puddles. Pounce it onto the wax palette and then pounce the brush onto different areas of the Dimensional Paste.
    9. Wipe the brush onto a paper towel and dip it into a different color; pounce onto stenciled design to create the desired color effect. Clean the stencil.
    10. Instruction #7
    11. To correct any slips of color, edge around the Dazzling Metallic color with the basecoat color.
    12. To make a leaf design, trace the leaf design onto tracing paper. Transfer the design onto the manila folder. Put the folder on top of the cutting mat. Cut out the leaf design with the heavy duty X-Acto knife. Varnish each side of the cut-out design with three coats of the Triple Thick Varnish, allowing it to dry between coats.
    13. Allow the last coat to dry overnight before using. (You can create your own stencils using this method as well.)
    14. Lay the stencils on a piece of old cardboard, back side up, outside or in a well-ventilated garage. Spray the back of the stencils with the multi-purpose spray adhesive.
    15. Step away from the project, giving it a chance to dry a bit and tack up.
    16. Place the sticky side down onto the top of the lantern over the curve and smooth it out sealing down the edges of the leaves.
    17. Place five puddles of Dazzling Metallics onto a waxed palette: Venetian Gold, Splendid Gold, Worn Penny, Copper, and Silver Sage.
    18. Dip a medium-sized stencil brush into one puddle of paint at a time, leaving all five colors of paint on the brush. Pounce it up and down on the waxed palette and then pounce it up and down onto one leaf at a time.
    19. Change colors as you like by wiping the brush well onto a dry paper towel and dipping into a new color. Pounce and blend each leaf until it is filled in with color. Repeat the same method on other sides of the lantern top.
    20. Add stems to the leaves with a liner brush and Venetian Gold. Allow to dry and add a few stems on each leaf, using a liner brush with Venetian Gold and the Carbon/Rustic/Rouge mix from step 1. Allow to dry overnight and varnish with two coats of Americana Soft-Touch Varnish.
    21. Instruction #17
    22. Etching The Glass: Remove the glass panels from the lantern and place on covered work surface.
    23. Cut two pieces of Con-Tact paper slightly larger than the glass panels.
    24. Remove the backing from the Con-Tact paper. Position on each of two glass panels. Use squeegee to push out any bubbles.
    25. Transfer the leaf design on one panel and then reverse and transfer on the second panel.
    26. Use a swivel knife to cut out each leaf. Using a pick knife, lift each leaf shape and position on remaining two panels. Press down firmly and rub with a squeegee to remove any bubbles.
    27. Following all label instructions and wearing rubber gloves, use a brush, palette knife, or squeegee to evenly apply Easy Etch Etching Cream over each panel. Allow to sit for 15-20 minutes.
    28. Scoop up excess Easy Etch from the glass and return to the bottle for reuse.
    29. Rinse the glass under running water until no Easy Etch remains. Remove the Con-Tact paper and dry the glass panel with a paper towel or soft cloth.
    30. Insert the panels into the lantern.


    Leaf Pattern