Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 12th 2015

Create a mixed media collage of leaves with modeling paste stenciling and layers of Media Fluid Acrylics.

Items Needed:


Apply Modeling Paste through a Stencil with a palette knife spread smooth on some and texture on others. 

Instruction Image #1

Add texture with the palette knife.

Instruction Image #2

Create a random layout with a variety of textures.

Instruction Image #3

Once dry, apply the Crackle Paste through a Stencil with varying thickness on the individual leaves to create variable crackles

Thicker application will give you larger cracks.

Instruction Image #4

Applied in a random pattern overlaying some of the modeling paste leaves.

Instruction Image #5

Apply a small blob of Yellow Oxide directly onto the canvas and spritz with water.

Lighter colours at the top of the canvas graduating darker at the bottom.

Instruction Image #6

Wash across selected areas, add Green Gold and work in.

Instruction Image #7

Apply a wash of Carbon Black.

Instruction Image #8

Wipe back with a baby wipe to soften.

Instruction Image #9

Spritz the Media Misters and in some areas spritz with water to dilute and spread.

Instruction Image #10

This is a process of gradually building up the weight of colour.

I applied the stronger colours to the leaves as I wanted these areas to stand out more and wanted the colour to be focussed on the textured areas.

Instruction Image #11

I also wiped back some of the colour with a baby wipe to reveal the raised areas and textures.

Instruction Image #12

I worked Purple and Burnt Umber around the edges of the leaves to give a little more definition.

Instruction Image #13

Wipe back the colour to expose the leaves and work the colour around until happy.

Instruction Image #14

Once I was happy with the overall colour balance, I highlighted some of the leaves dry brushing Titanium White.

Instruction Image #15

Applied Burnt Umber through a spot stencil around the leaves and stamped a Script stamp randomly. Followed with a floral foliage around the edges and between the leaves with Black Stazon.

Instruction Image #16

Applied a very diluted Carbon Black wash to tone down the bottom of the Canvas and areas of brighter colour.

Instruction Image #17

Instruction Image #18

 I like the contrast of textures of the canvas, the slight sheen on the areas with Crackle Paste and the Matte Modeling Paste areas but you could apply a varnish if required.

Instruction Image #19