Autumn Painting

Autumn Painting

Posted by DecoArt on Nov 12th 2015

Celebrate the season of falling leaves and pumpkins with this mixed media project.

Items Needed:

  • Tracing Paper
  • Transfer Paper
  • Assorted Brushes
  • Canvas
  • Cosmetic Sponge
  • Assorted Scrapbook Paper
  • Pencil
  • Letter Stamps
  • Black Stamp Pad


    Rip up three to four different scrapbook papers and decoupage them to the canvas using Americana Matte Decou-Page and the 1" flat brush.

    Paint the edge of the canvas with the 1" flat brush and Vermilion.

Paint over the Vermilion with Primary Magenta. Before it dries, lift off some of the Primary Magenta by pressing and lifting with a wet wadded up paper towel.

Instruction Image #3

Paint over the papers on the front of the canvas with the 1/2" flat brush and a lot of Vermilion and Primary Magenta. Paint with a wet brush so the paint stays very transparent and some papers show through.

Instruction Image #4

    Wash the brush. While the other colors are still wet, paint the center with Green Gold, letting the Green Gold mix in with Vermilion and Primary Magenta where they meet.

Randomly apply stencils around the edge of the canvas with the cosmetic sponge and the three colors you've been using. (Do not thin the paint for this part.)

Instruction Image #6

Dip 1/2" flat brush into Carbon Black and wipe off most of the paint onto a paper towel. Dry-brush around the top edge of the canvas.

Print the Autumn Girl to fit your canvas.

Instruction Image #8

Using tracing paper and transfer papers, transfer the drawing onto the front of the canvas.

Instruction Image #9

Using the photo as a guide, fill in the colors with the #3 round brush. (For tiny detail areas, use the #2 liner brush.) Paint the girl with colors you see in the photo: Paint her hair with Vermilion. While it's still wet, add a little Titanium White to the Vermilion on the brush to add dimension. Paint her shirt and eyeshadow with Cobalt Teal.

Instruction Image #10

    Paint her pants, handle bars, and the tires with Medium Grey Value 6. Mix a slightly lighter grey by adding Titanium White to the Medium Grey Value 6 for the bike seat.

    The bike is Pyrrole Red with just a touch of Titanium White added. The pumpkin is Vermilion with a touch of Hansa Yellow Medium.

    Her boots and eyebrows are Burnt Sienna with a bit of Pyrrole Red. The basket is Vermilion with just a bit of Burnt Sienna. (Add Titanium White to any color to add highlights.) Fill in her eyes with Burnt Sienna. The whites of her eyes are Titanium White. Her lips are Pyrrole Red.

    The rope for the pumpkin is Hansa Yellow Medium. Mix equal parts Vermilion, Pyrrole Red, and Titanium White and, with the liner brush, add a blush to her nose and cheeks.

Use tracing paper to create a pattern. Cut out a piece of scrapbook paper in the shape of the scarf and Decou-Page it down using the #3 round brush.

Instruction Image #15

    Print out the words for the quote. (Use your favorite font.) Print out a dog head, cut it out, and Decou-Page it down. Accent the dog with watered down Cobalt Teal.

    Outline the entire illustration, make tire spokes, and add little dots on the pumpkin with the #2 liner brush and Carbon Black.

    Mix 1 part Titanium White and 2 parts Green Gold and use to make a subtle outline around the girl. To get the fading effect, rub the paint with your finger.

    Stamp the word "Autumn" with letter stamps onto a piece of paper or print them off with a large size front. Cut out the individual letters.

    Print out the words of the saying and cut out each word or phrase. (See photo for placement.) Decou-Page them down using the #3 round brush.

    Mix 1 part Titanium White with 1 part Cobalt Teal. Use the mix and the Polka Dot Accent Stencil to make dots on the shirt.

    Decou-Page down any little bits of scrapbook paper for accent. (I added the black and white checkerboard strips.)

    Using the #2 liner brush, add little bits of colors to the words and letters to add interest and emphasis. Outline the bits of paper with Carbon Black and then use brighter colors randomly. Do the same to the girl and bike using the liner brush.

    Add Primary Magenta and the #2 liner brush to make texture lines on the basket.