Back-to-School Teacher Gift Ideas

Back-to-School Teacher Gift Ideas

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 5th 2014

Back to school, the time of year that parents both rejoice in and dread all at the same time. Will my children like their teacher? Will their friends be in the same class? Will the first day of school go smoothly?

If you’re anything like me, you’re super excited that this is your child’s first year of school and are trying to come up with the perfect way to introduce yourself, and your child, so their teacher. Making a first impression and letting the teacher know that they are appreciated right from the get-go is important, but what do you send for the first day of school when you haven’t even met the teacher yet?

Here are five easy ideas for Back To School Teacher Gifts

  • Have your child decorate a coffee mug from the dollar store with Gloss Enamels or Chalkboard paint, then fill the mug with coffee, tea, and a Starbucks gift card.

  • Take standard, unsharpened pencils and adhere them to an inexpensive glass vase with Bead and Glitter Glue, or Decou-page. Fill the vase with cut flowers for the first day.

  • Fill a basket or pail with various art supplies, including acrylic paint and brushes, to help get the classroom ready for art time!

  • Paint the teachers name on a piece of wooden board using alphabet stencils and Chalky Paint. Attach a piece of metal chain for easy hanging in the classroom.

  • Dip mason jars in Gloss Enamels, then fill with smarties, hard candies and other treats for the teacher.

If you’ve known your child’s teacher for some time, don’t hesitate to incorporate some of their favorite things into their gift. If you know they prefer Dunkin Donuts over Starbucks, get them the appropriate gift card. Have a new favorite lunch spot in town? Treat them to lunch!

Whatever project you choose, the teacher is sure to appreciate the fact that you took the time and care to create something special, just for them.