Bakers Twine Holder

Bakers Twine Holder

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 30th 2015

It's hard to believe that summer is fast coming to an end but if you'd like a fun project to do with your school age child in these last weeks of summer, this might be fun for them to make for their new teacher!

Items Needed:


First paint your crate with turquoise - when it's dry go over it with a little gold metallic, wiping off a little before it's dry...the gold is just to accent the turquoise.

Cut your papers to fit the crate...use your imagination when combining the patterns!

When the paint is dry, use your Decou-Page Paper Medium to adhere strips of paper to the painted crate. when it's dry, lightly sand the edges and the paper to give it an aged look...or leave it looking brand new!

Instruction Image #3

Here's where your pencils come in!

Instruction Image #4

Add your twine then break your pencils to be the right size-cover them with a bit of Washi Tape...

Instruction Image #5

And maybe add a little twine & tape banner ...just for fun!

Instruction Image #6

You could make the new teacher a couple of these, one for Baker's Twine and one for Washi Tape!

Instruction Image #7

This would also be a nice first day of school gift for your favorite student!

Enjoy the rest of your summer friends~ ox