Beach Memories

Beach Memories

Posted by DecoArt on Feb 28th 2017

I live within an easy drive of the east coast of England. I love taking my dog Norman to the beach and seeing if I can find any treasures brought in by the waves. I wanted to display some recent finds in a box frame which could be used somewhere in my home. The box frame is homemade from simple, inexpensive wooden pictures frames.


Items Needed:


Lightly sand frame and apply two coats of gesso.

Instruction Image #1

Apply crackle paste randomly using a spatula.

Instruction Image #2

Allow the paste to dry naturally. When almost dry, heat areas with a heat gun to make small ‘bubbles’ in the paste.

Instruction Image #3

Apply titan buff paint using a baby wipe and mist lightly with water. This allows the paint to seep into the crackle but not clog the cracks.

Instruction Image #4

Make a wash using Green Gold and Phthalo Green Blue to add colour to the crackle paste.

Instruction Image #5

Detail to show how a wash sinks into the crackle but doesn’t clog it.

Instruction Image #6

Use more washes made from Phthalo Green Blue, Green Gold and Prussian Blue to add further colour to the frame.

Instruction Image #7

Instruction Image #8

Stamp and sponge Quinacridone Gold paint onto the frame to create ‘rusty’ details.

Instruction Image #9

Instruction Image #10

Dry brush areas of the frame with Metallic Gold. This enriches the colours and highlights the texture.

Instruction Image #11

Use Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint in toning shades to colour the bottom layers which will form the box frame.

Instruction Image #12

Cut a piece of grey board or heavy card to fit the back of the box frame.

Instruction Image #13

Stipple Gesso onto the grey board to cover and create a gently textured surface.

Instruction Image #14

Sponge the edges of the grey board with Prussian Blue paint.

Instruction Image #15

Stamp and age a piece of vintage book paper with quinacridone gold paint and a toning shade of Archival ink.

Instruction Image #16

Use Decoupage glue to fix the book paper to the gesso coated surface of the grey board.

Instruction Image #17

Fix the box frame layers together using Decoupage glue. Hold together temporarily with tape if necessary to ensure they stick perfectly.

Instruction Image #18

Cut a piece of muslin to the size required. Distress the fabric using a sharp tool and pull out threads as required.

Instruction Image #19

Colour the fabric using watered down Titanium White paint.

Instruction Image #20

Use quinacridone gold paint to add ‘rust’ marks to the fabric. Tiny amounts of carbon black paint can be mixed in for a dirtier rust look (not shown).

Instruction Image #21

Collect beach treasures to be displayed in the box frame – I just love those rusty pieces of metal which required no paint makeover and the shell which had picked up a rust stain somewhere on its’ travels! Look out for the tiny scraps of ‘sea’ glass with edges smoothed by the waves and glorious pieces of driftwood with amazing textures.

Instruction Image #22

Bind some of the treasures together using rusty wire.

Instruction Image #23

Use Decoupage glue to fix the treasures to the book paper in the base of the box frame.

Instruction Image #24

Stamp some rust marks onto the frame sides using quinacridone gold paint.

Instruction Image #25

Use drift wood beach treasure and rusty wire to create a hanger for the box frame.

Instruction Image #26

Detail shot showing the texture of the frame and the drift wood.

Instruction Image #27