Posted by DecoArt on Mar 14th 2016

Tulips are one of the first signs of spring.
I love their graceful teardrop and lacy appearance and are sometimes described as the perfect flower. I thought it only fitting to keep the design simple, with a limited palette of 4 colors. 

Items Needed:


Apply gesso to entire surface and sides of the paint board. When completely dry, wash the entire surface and sides with Dark Grey Value 3. While moist, tap a folded paper towel thought out. Creating an interesting texture as you go.

Instruction Image #1

Using rice paper (or paper of your choice), tear edges and apply one sheet to approximately 3/4 of design. Apply with Matte Medium. Using a 4B drawing pencil, loosely create lines outside and around board. Almost as though you are tying things together.

Instruction Image #2

Apply pattern shapes with Charcoal pencil. I love how the charcoal blends and creates shadows when water and paint is applied to it. Cut one leaf shape from any art paper you desire. Adding an extra torn piece to the left side. 

Instruction Image #3

Paint Titanium White into remaining leaves and to the tulips. Shade and darken tulip pedals with Dark Grey Value 3. When Dry, outline once again with 4B drawing pencil. Loosely outline stem and bottom design circles with pencil. I thought it would be fun to write spring sayings, hopes or dreams inside leaves with 4B drawing pencil. Lightly wash leaves in with tints of Sap Green. Titanium White to highlight.

Instruction Image #4

Instruction Image #5

Darken stems with Sap Green and outline with pencil. Apply Dark Grey Value 3 circles using a stamp to bottom of design where desired. Add more Titanium White where needed. 

Instruction Image #6

Cut out words from magazine or book. Apply words with Matte Medium. Outline words with 4B pencil to strengthen.

Spray with American Acrylic Sealer/Finish.

Instruction Image #7