Best Man Gift Bag

Best Man Gift Bag

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 17th 2014

Give the best man something special to commemorate his status on that special day—his own "personalized" gift bag.


    • scissors
    • 3/8" ribbon of choice
    • craft knife
    • glue dots or low-temp glue gun & glue sticks
    • green print scrapbook paper
    • dotted scrapbook paper
    • 1" circle hole punch
    • black gift sack


    1. Trace and cut patterns for shirt and collar from white cardstock. Refer to photo for placement and use glue stick to attach inverted triangle to bag for shirt, aligning top edge with bag opening. Fold straight edge of collar back along fold line and slip fold over top of bag; glue to inside of sack front.
    2. Center and glue 7" length of ribbon at top of bag, under collar, with ends glued to side of bag. At center front of ribbon band, cut 3/4" slit through sack just below bottom edge of ribbon.
    3. For bow tie, accordion-fold length of dotted paper into 1/4" pleats; fold pleated paper at center. Loop 4" length of ribbon around center of bow tie and pull ends of ribbon through slit in bag. Fasten bow tie securely by gluing ends of ribbon inside sack.
    4. Cut two small leaves from green paper; punch circle from pink paper. Refer to photo for placement and use glue stick to attach to bag for boutonniere.
    5. Use Black Pearl to paint dots for buttons.
    6. Use White Pearl to outline circle, add spiral over circle for rose, and paint words on bag. Allow to dry.


    Tuxedo Pattern