Bluebird in my Garden

Bluebird in my Garden

Posted by DecoArt on May 17th 2017

A bluebird is a reminder that happiness and fulfillment are well within reach. 

Items Needed:


Base coat board with Raw Sienna. When dry, apply a generous coat of White Crackle paste to the surface. Allow to dry.

Using Matte Medium, apply any art paper you choose, underneath the flowers. This creates some depth behind the flowers, grounding them. Add chosen word as well.
Stamp swirls around background with the Archival Ink Pad. 

Instruction Image #1

Bird and Branch: Lightly sketch on bird and branch. Apply a layer Cerulean Blue to head and body. Raw Sienna to tummy and branch. Add a small amount of Cerulean Blue to the bottom of the branch, under the bird. Shade the bird with Prussian Blue Hue. Add Titanium Whit highlights while most. Apply a wash of Primary Yellow to brighten tummy and follow with Quinacridone Burnt Orange shading. Darken Shading with a small amount of Burnt Umber. Highlight with Titanium White.

Finish branches with shading of Burnt Umber, leaving some white areas exposed. 

Instruction Image #2

Apply Raw Sienna to the center of each flower. Add one or two layers of Modeling Paste to each flower petal. Apply stems with Sap Green. 

Instruction Image #3

When flowers are dry, apply brush mix of Titanium White and Titan Buff to each petal, repeat. When dry, shade Burnt Umber around each center. Tap on a small amount of Primary Yellow to a few petals. In each center, dot in the following - Quinacridone Red, Burnt Umber and Titanium White. 

Instruction Image #4

Apply cut out leaves and apply to stem, using the Matte Medium. Brush on a few leaves to the bottom of the large branch with Sap Green.

Shade Prussian Blue Hue in and around the entire piece. When dry, apply Raw Umber Antiquing cream around edges of the board.

Spray with American Matte Sealer Enjoy! 

Instruction Image #5