Casual Copper Embossed Earrings

Casual Copper Embossed Earrings

Posted by DecoArt on May 20th 2014

Make a fashion statement with these floral embossed earrings made with copper and Metallic Lustre™.


    • cloth
    • chain nose or needle-nose pliers
    • The Spellbinders® Grand Calibur® Machine
    • The Spellbinders® Artisan X-plorer™ Machine
    • copper metal
    • Heats Three die templates
    • bronze jump rings
    • bronze fishhook earring findings
    • hole punch


    1. Cut the copper metal using Hearts Three die template and run through the Artisan X-plorer Machine. Repeat to create two earrings.
    2. Place the die-cut copper pieces into the embossing folder and run through the Grand Calibur machine.
    3. Apply Copper Kettle with a cloth, blending over the embossed areas and adding Black Shimmer for highlight. Apply to both sides of the copper.
    4. Punch a hole in the copper metal with hole punch.
    5. Twist jump rings to open; add fishhook earring findings and then attach to the copper metal. Twist jump ring to close.