Celebrating Every Victory Motivational Canvas

Celebrating Every Victory Motivational Canvas

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 30th 2016

Inspire and motivate on a wall accent with hand-lettering of Americana® Acrylics.


    • transfer paper
    • pencil
    • flat brush
    • canvas
    • round brush



    Let dry completely between painting steps.

    1. If desired, paint the entire canvas in white. Use transfer paper to transfer the provided pattern onto the canvas.
    2. Using a round brush and several different blues (whatever you have on hand is fine). Start each letter with the darker or lighter blue and then when the brush starts running out of paint, re-load with the opposite (darker or lighter) blue.
    3. Instruction #2
    4. Repeat for the banner and rays using orange and yellow.
    5. Instruction #3
    6. Paint in the remaining decorative elements. (Refer to photo.)
    7. Instruction #4


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