Chalkboard Clip Boards

Chalkboard Clip Boards

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 3rd 2014

Hey Y'all!  I am excited to be here today to share these fun Chalkboard Clip Boards with you. In our house, we lose things all the time. I have a preteen and teen and needless to say, things seem to walk away which means missing some important dates and deadlines at times.

So what do we do with all those dentist appointment reminders, school forms to be filled out, and the volume of papers that come home from school? Well, I decided I had had enough and created a quick little zone in our kitchen for just those things. Chalkboard paint and clipboards were the perfect duo for this project. Simple, quick, and oh so functional...

Items Needed:

  • Water Basin
  • Foam Brush
  • Painter's Tape (2 Sizes)
  • Clip Boards (large And Small)
  • Palette


I love adding a little pop of color to a project, and the contrast of the black and red make these little guys stand more losing papers! You can customize these clip boards in a variety of color combos to match your style and taste. They take just a little bit of prep and painting...such a simple and fast back to school idea for you.

Instruction Image #1

Using the painter's tape, simply tape off the clip boards. For the smaller boards, I taped off a stripe at the top and then a smaller stripe at the bottom.

Instruction Image #2

For the larger clip board, I only taped off a stripe at the top of the clip board.

Instruction Image #3

Using the Chalkboard Paint, and following the directions on the bottle, I painted below the taped off stripe on the larger clip board. I removed the tape before the paint was completely dry.

Instruction Image #4

The smaller clip boards were painted the Black Slate Chalkboard paint on the top portion and then the Multi-Surface Satin in Lipstick Red below the smaller stripe. I also removed the tape before the paints were completely dry.

Instruction Image #5

You will need to "season" the chalkboard portion of the smaller clip boards and the larger one. Simply rub chalk across the entire surface and then wipe clean. This helps allow you to erase cleaner each time you use the chalkboard.

Instruction Image #6

Hang with adhesive hooks and enjoy! Each of my kiddos gets their own small clipboard for appointment reminders, forms, papers, etc. I use the larger one for family announcements and reminders. The colors are eye catching and clip boards really "grab" those papers and help prevent losing them!

The kids can also leave me a list of things they have run out of, or need for projects and after school activities. A girl can hope to cut down on those last minute, late night..... "Mom! I need poster board tomorrow morning!" requests, right?

Need a few more Back To School Ideas? We have got you covered over on our blog, see ya there!

Instruction Image #7