Chalky Finish Candle Sticks

Chalky Finish Candle Sticks

Posted by DecoArt on May 5th 2015

I came across these candlesticks the other day while I was cleaning out a closet. They had been stashed away because although I love them, the red just doesn’t fit my décor or colors in my home. But that is nothing that a little paint can’t solve!

Items Needed:

  • Painters Tape
  • Paint Brush


Here’s the candlesticks before. They were purchased at Kirkland’s years ago and actually used to be a green color. I had spray painted them after buying them the red color to match the décor I had in my home at that time.

Instruction Image #1

I chose to use chalky finish paint because the look in my home now is much more a vintage, rustic look. And chalk paint gives that hand painted/rustic look. After 2 coats of Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint in Vintage this is how they looked.

Instruction Image #2

I didn’t want to distress them because I didn’t want the red to show through so I opted to use Dark Americana Decor Creme Wax. The one on the left has a coat of wax wiped on and then wiped off and the one on the right is unwaxed.

Instruction Image #3

Now they perfectly fit in my décor!

Instruction Image #4

And they have a store-bought, rustic look to them too. 

Instruction Image #5

I can now use them in pretty much any room in my house and they perfectly fit in my color scheme. They have a beachy, yet sophisticated look. 

Have some outdated décor? Maybe all you need to do is brush on a coat or two of paint to give them an update!