Children's Rustic Table and Chairs Set

Children's Rustic Table and Chairs Set

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 9th 2017

Upgrade a table and chairs for a kid's room with Americana Decor® Satin Enamels™.


    • sandpaper
    • scissors
    • flat brush
    • painter's tape
    • staple gun
    • nails
    • fabric
    • chair
    • table
    • foam



    Clean the surface of the table and chairs before starting.

    1. Alternate painting the chairs using Neutral Beige, Rich Chestnut, and Natural Sable. Apply a layer of paint; let it dry; and then sand. Repeat until the desired rustic look is achieved. (Optional, give the chair hardware a pop of contrast by coating it in Classic Black.)
    2. Instruction #1
    3. Upholster the chairs using scrap fabric, foam, and upholstery nails. (Since this is a small table and chairs set for children, you won't need much.) Cut and staple the foam in place. Cover the foam with fabric and use nickel upholstery nails to secure it.
    4. Instruction #2
    5. Coat the table in a light layer of Smoke Grey. Once this dries, create the illusion of a plank table by taping off very thin lines to be filled in with a heavier layer of Smoke Grey.
    6. Instruction #3