Color of the Month: July - Matcha Green

Color of the Month: July - Matcha Green

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 1st 2020

The color of the month for July is... ( Drumroll please!) MATCHA GREEN. We added Matcha Green (DA386-3) to our Americana® Acrylics line-up in 2020. This lush and vivacious green inspires feelings of wellness and reminds us of fresh garden herbs and a soothing cup of tea. 

Americana acrylic Matcha Green

A tertiary color, this subtle green shade falls on the yellower side of primary green in the color wheel, while gaining an earthy feel through small elements of red and orange. 
Color wheel

Matcha Green pairs well with vivid tones, like our Vivid Violet or Aqua Sky. For a more sophisticated or understated look, try pairing it with our Grey Sky or Cool White paints.

Triadic for matcha
This lovely green traces it’s beginnings all the way back to 12th century Japan when Zen monks brought back green tea harvested while studying in China. A century later, people began drinking a powdered form of this tea.  Due to its numerous health benefits, Matcha tea has seen a surge of popularity today. (You can even find it as a delicious latte flavor at Starbucks.)  The bright green color is so distinctive, that interestingly the quality measure of Matcha is based on the tone of its green hue.

Grades of matcha

Today, the distinct yellow-green color synonymous with the tea is experiencing a resurgence in fashion, design, decor, and more. Perhaps it is concurrent with the rising awareness to live with more sustainability or practice "green" lifestyles,  or even the rise of the Scandinavian Farmhouse style and biophilic design may have contributed to the increased use of this unique color. All of these larger trends easily draw in Matcha Green. With a lush rich bright tone, Matcha Green creates a bright and airy feel that is both clean and soothing

Matcha Green corrected 

Try using Matcha Green on end tables, chairs, picture frames, or a bright accent piece to instantly liven up your space. Below are some wonderful inspirational pieces for using this color in your world.