Color of the Month: September - Magenta

Color of the Month: September - Magenta

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 31st 2020

Our color of the month for September is the lovely and enchanting magenta! Located midway on the color wheel between red and blue, magenta is described as a purply-red or pink color. One of the most fascinating things about magenta is that it is actually a primary color! In printing all colors are derived from magenta, cyan, and yellow. This is called the subtractive color system. Subtractive color is also how we see color in paint, since it refers to pigments that reflect light.SubtractiveIn nature there are many flowers that have taken on a magenta hue. Magenta is the perfect complement to green, since they are exact opposites on the color wheel. This makes the contrast of magenta petals with surrounding greenery simply stunning! This vivacious combination has probably evolved due to how attractive it is to animals, insects, and humans alike.

Due to it's eye-catching nature, magenta stands well on it's own against a darker background. Try pairing it with soft pinks, reds, or purples to play up it's feminine side. You can also use it alongside blues and yellows for a more modern palette.

Magenta Color Palette
Color palette

The first magenta pigment was created in the 1800's by William Perkins, who originally called it mauveine. It was later renamed to celebrate the victory at the Battle of Magenta; a battle fought between the French and Austrians in 1859 near the Italian town of Magenta. 

Magenta has been a popular color amongst painters since it's invention. Since it's a primary color it is not only useful to have, but it's fresh boldness leaps out from the canvas. Paul Gauguin used a shade of magenta in 1890 in his portrait of Marie Lagadu, and Henri Matisse loved using magenta to convey strong emotions.

Paul Gauguin
Currently magenta is having a major moment in fashion and home decor. The Pantone Color Institute listed magenta as one of the main colors for in the Fall 2020 season. Seen as both timeless and full of personality, magenta is a color that is favored by creatives and expected to stay fashionable for a long time.

Magenta clothes
Magenta clothes 2
Leather couch cushions
Coffee break in purple
Use magenta to add a bit of boldness into your life! A little goes a long way with this sparkling hue, which is why it's perfect for accent pieces and accessories. For a subtler look, add a pop of shimmer and iridescence with one of our latest topcoat colors, Americana® Enchanted Shimmer™ in Magenta. Millions of luminous particles add a unique sparkling shimmer without overwhelming your craft or DIY project.

Product Inspiration:
Color of the month products
Americana® Enchanted Shimmer
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We've gathered up some of our favorite DecoArt projects inspired by this magical color. We hope they inspire you to get crafty! if you're looking for more color inspiration, be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest. Every week we post new and creative ways to use our color of the month as well as exciting craft and DIY projects. Happy making!