Concrete Outdoor Candle Centerpiece

Concrete Outdoor Candle Centerpiece

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 7th 2015

I love long summer nights when the sun stays up and it’s perfect weather for backyard dinners and entertaining. What I don’t love are the bugs that tend to join the outdoor party. I created this easy outdoor centerpiece that both looks pretty, but helps keep the small pests away. 

Items Needed:

  • Americana "Segmented Swirls" Stencil
  • 2" By 8" By 16" Concrete Block
  • Citronella Candles
  • Assorted Paint Brushes


I started with this basic concrete brick and two concrete looking citronella candles that I found at my local hardware store. The concrete brick is the perfect canvas for this outdoor craft idea, and best of all it was less than $1!

Instruction Image #1

First, I wanted to add some color and design to my concrete brick, so I used a cool stencil and DecoArt Outdoor Patio Paints to turn my brick from boring to brilliant!

Instruction Image #2

I wanted to give my stenciled design on the top of my concrete block the look of fire swirls, so I used a pretty raspberry red color mixed with the dark orange paint and blended them together while I stenciled the design on the top. 

Instruction Image #3

Then I painted the edges of my brick solid colors, and the outside of my candles bright contrasting colors. 

Instruction Image #4

After the paint was dry, it was time to enjoy my new outdoor candle centerpiece. I put the two painted candles on top of my pretty painted brick. 

Instruction Image #5

This looks great both during the day and at night!

Instruction Image #6

The citronella candles atop the one-of-a-kind painted brick give off the best summer ambience, and help ward away the bugs. Lovely!

Instruction Image #7