Confetti Dot Terra Cotta Pot

Confetti Dot Terra Cotta Pot

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 17th 2014

Want a fun project that you can get your kids involved in? DecoArt has an amazing line of Patio Paints in a rainbow of colors for all those outdoor craft and diy projects.  These adorable Painted terra cotta confetti dot pots are a great diy project to tackle with them. Fun colors, polka dots, and even a little chalkboard...a great kid's project!

Items Needed:

  • Water Basin
  • Sponge Brush
  • Pencil
  • Paper Towel


This project will not only get your kid's creativity sparked, you can also do a little gardening with them! The hardest part...picking out which colors to use...there are so many fabulous choices!

Instruction Image #1

Paint the terra cotta pot and saucer with the Wrought Iron Black Patio Paint. Make sure to paint both the inside and outside of the pot, including the inside of the drain hole to seal the pot. You can see how to do this in a DecoArt Video. Once the Patio Paint was completely dry, I applied the Chalkboard Paint over the outside of the pot following the directions on the bottle.

Instruction Image #2

Select the colors of Patio Paint you would like to use. I chose 3 shades of yellow, and then 2 accent colors...Blue Bahama and Coral Sunset. These colors just made me smile and look so summery, don't you think?

Instruction Image #3 the kids will enjoy this part a lot! Using the eraser tip on a pencil, I simply dipped it into the first color and dotted the pot, around the bottom. I found it easier to flip the pot over to do this. I continued to add a new color, one at a time, and allowing them to dry a bit between each color. I put more dots at the bottom of the pot and then spread them out as they went a little higher. I also painted the saucer in the same way.

Instruction Image #4

I allowed my pot to dry completely for 72 hours and then got my children to each pick out an herb to plant in their pot. My daughter picked out basil, so she added the name to the pot with a chalk marker. They had a great time helping to make these and I am hoping to get them to try some new meals using their herbs!

Instruction Image #5

These pots turned out so fun, and were really simple to create. I love that my kids jumped in on the project as well. I think these would also make great house numbers, just add the numbers to the pot with chalk. Perhaps even a little fun welcome to your home by writing "Hey Y'all!" on a pot!