Contemporary Grey Side Table

Contemporary Grey Side Table

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 23rd 2017

Color a side table in the "new neutral" with Americana Decor® Chalky Finish™ paint.


    • paintbrush
    • side table
    • small paint roller



    A roller is optional, but helps keep the paint even on large, flat surfaces.

    1. Clean the piece of furniture thoroughly.
    2. Instruction #1
    3. Flip the piece upside down and use a brush to paint the legs and supporting pieces with Artifact. (I find that flipping furniture pieces upside down makes painting in nooks and crannies easier.) Let dry.
    4. Instruction #2
    5. Once the paint is dry, flip the piece back over and touch up where necessary. (I did not need a full second coat.)
    6. Instruction #3
    7. Use a small roller to paint the accent areas using Carbon. (I used two coats of Carbon and touched up the edges with a small paintbrush.)
    8. Instruction #4
    9. Apply a coat of Ultra-Matte Varnish all over to seal and protect the piece.