Cottagecore Mushrooms Painted Jeans

Cottagecore Mushrooms Painted Jeans

Posted by DecoArt on Nov 16th 2021

Paint your own Cottagecore faux embroidered mushroom and floral design peeking out of a jean pocket.


  • masking tape
  • wooden skewer
  • jeans
  • fabric painting form



For optimal Multi-Surface Acrylics Paint performance, wash wearable fabrics without fabric softener and dry before painting.

  1. Decide which pocket will be embellished. You will use stiff the following colors from the Cottagecore Acrylic Paint Set: Rosebud, White Birch, Dark Scarlet, Woodland Green, Canary, Paprika and Raspberry.
  2. Instruction #1
  3. Place a t-shirt form or a stiff piece of cardboard inside the jeans.
  4. Instruction #2
  5. Secure with masking tape so the fabric doesn't move around while you are painting.
  6. Instruction #3
  7. Using a liner brush, and Paprika Multi-Surface Satin, paint mushroom cap shapes above the pocket top.
  8. Instruction #4
  9. Paint the mushroom stems with White Birch using a liner brush.
  10. Instruction #5
  11. Fold the pocket slightly down and bring the stems to just below the pocket line.
  12. Instruction #6
  13. Using masking tape, mask off the pocket top to protect from unwanted paint. Paint small flower shapes with Canary, using a liner brush.
  14. Instruction #7
  15. Using a liner brush and Woodland Green, add grass blades between the flowers and mushrooms.
  16. Instruction #8
  17. Mix a touch of white and yellow with the green to create a lighter green. This will be the highlight color.
  18. Instruction #9
  19. To make the grass blades pop, paint strokes of the green highlight color on top of the blades.
  20. Instruction #10
  21. Add a coat of Dark Scarlet to the mushroom caps using the liner brush.
  22. Instruction #11
  23. Mix a touch of white to some yellow to create a highlight mixture to add to the flower shapes.
  24. Instruction #12
  25. Using the opposite end of the paintbrush, dot an orange center onto the flowers.
  26. Instruction #13
  27. Paint a small amount of orange onto the flower petals to add some depth.
  28. Instruction #14
  29. Using a wooden skewer or toothpick, dip the end into white and add tiny dots to the mushroom caps.
  30. Instruction #15
  31. Add more flower shapes by dotting on Rosebud in a quad pattern throughout the design.
  32. Instruction #16
  33. Dot a Raspberry center onto the pink flower shapes.
  34. Instruction #17
  35. This is a fun and quick way to add a faux embroidery look to any pair of old jeans or anything with a pocket!
  36. Instruction #18
  37. Use this technique to liven up a thrifted find or to add some charm to your favorite piece. This is also a great idea for a DIY personalized gift.
  38. Instruction #19
  39. Try the Cottagecore Arcylic Paint Set to create more unique country side color palettes. Let your creativity flow with these charming paints!
  40. Instruction #20