Cowgirl and Cowboy Boot Pumpkins

Cowgirl and Cowboy Boot Pumpkins

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 27th 2014

These boots on a pumpkins will, sure as shootin', be a favorite addition to your Halloween décor.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • tracing paper
    • transfer paper
    • #10 flat brush
    • black Sharpie® marker
    • #1 round brush
    • #10/0 liner brush
    • pen
    • pumpkins



    Let dry completely between painting steps.

    1. Clean the two small pumpkins with soap and water and dry them completely.
    2. Instruction #1
    3. Use a #10 flat brush to apply the Paint Adhesion Medium. Rinse the brush. Let dry completely.
    4. Use a pen and the tracing and transfer papers to add the pattern to both pumpkins. (I then used a marker to help see the lines better.)
    5. Use a #10 flat brush and a 1:1 mix of Desert Turquoise and Snow White to fill the background of one pumpkin and Coral Blush for the background of the other pumpkin. Rinse the brush between steps and at end.
    6. Instruction #4
    7. Use a #1 round brush and Honey Brown to basecoat the hat, rope, sections of boot, and heel. While still wet, add a little Snow White to highlight areas. (Do this on both pumpkins.) Rinse brush.
    8. Instruction #5
    9. Use a #1 round brush and Raw Sienna to basecoat the remainder of the boot. Rinse brush. While still wet, add Burnt Umber to shade boot and outline with rope. Add water to Burnt Umber to lightly shade around and under the hat. Add a small amount of Lamp Black to paint the sole of the boot. Rinse brush.
    10. Instruction #6
    11. Use a #1 round brush to mix (1) part Snow White with (1) part Coral Blush. Use this mix to fill in the boot's decorative design and hat band. Rinse brush. On the other pumpkin, use a #1 round brush and Desert Turquoise to fill in the same areas. Rinse brush.
    12. Instruction #7
    13. Use a #1 round brush to loosely mix (2) parts Snow White with a small amount of Lamp Black. Use mix to fill in all four horseshoes. Rinse brush.
    14. Instruction #8
    15. Use a #10/0 liner brush and Lamp Black mixed with a small amount of water to outline the boot, hat, and horseshoes. Rinse brush.
    16. Instruction #9
    17. Use a #10/0 liner brush and Snow White to add a loose chevron design to the background. Rinse brush. Let dry completely.
    18. Instruction #10
    19. Use the handle end of a #1 round brush dipped in Snow White to add polka dots to the other boot.
    20. Instruction #11
    21. Once fully dry, take the pumpkins outside or to a well-ventilated area and seal with Americana Matte Spray Finish.
    22. Instruction #12


    Boot Pattern