Crackle Note Pad

Crackle Note Pad

Posted by DecoArt on Jun 1st 2015

I love finding objects which others have no further use for and giving them a new lease of life. My post shows step by step how I have transformed my latest find.

Items Needed:


Instruction Image #1

The entire piece is given two coats of gesso with some light sanding in between.

Instruction Image #2

Die cut some shapes from scrap card and trim as necessary. Glue die cuts into position. I decided not to attach any to the area below where the notepad goes as it may make writing more difficult. I drew a pencil line around the pad so I knew where to avoid anything other than flat decoration.

Instruction Image #3

To make 'stud' style embellishments add 'googly' eyes and half pearls.

Instruction Image #4

Paint everything in your chosen colour then add colour to the die cut sections.

Instruction Image #5

Add stamping using archival ink - you don't need to be too particular!

Instruction Image #6

Use a pen lid and acrylic paint to stamp circles over the previous stamping.

Instruction Image #7

Add stenciling and 'stamping' (using the top of a pen) as required.

Instruction Image #8

Instruction Image #9

Antique by rubbing in some acrylic paint and wiping back with a baby wipe. When dry brushing always add paint to a dry brush and wipe most of it off onto a scrap of paper/tissue and apply using light strokes in all directions. If the brush is too loaded with paint the effect will not work. Build up layers gradually to enable the previous layers to show through.

Instruction Image #10

Add crackle glaze to all the red stenciling and stamping. Also apply to the die cut pieces and 'studs'.

Instruction Image #11

Instruction Image #12

Add layers of stamping using a chalky paint and when dry, cover with background paint to blend into the design. Do this several times to build up layers.

Instruction Image #13

Instruction Image #14

Use layers of Burnt Umber paint and the dry brushing technique to build up an aged look. In this shot you can see the dry brushing being built up around the diamond plate.

Instruction Image #15

The diamond shape is cut from foam board. Use a knife to carve out notches. Make faux screw shapes with a sharp knife. Paint the background and stamp as before. Stencil using acrylic paint and chalky paint. Apply crackle glaze. Age with a thin layer of Quinacridone gold paint.

Instruction Image #16

Instruction Image #17

The notepad holder already has a hole for hanging it on the wall. I have decided to thread a double length of jute string through this hole to hang the holder with.

Instruction Image #18

Instruction Image #19

Instruction Image #20

Instruction Image #21