Create a Framed Display

Create a Framed Display

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 15th 2014

For Halloween, I wanted to create something unexpected for display. This box, is actually made up of four frames.

Items Needed:


You get a great view from all angles.

Instruction Image #1

Lots of flea market finds were used on the top of the case.

Instruction Image #2

The top is really a lid.

Instruction Image #3

It makes it easy to change out the contents.

Instruction Image #4

Four plastic frames, two pieces of foam board and some "mixed junk" for the lid.

Instruction Image #5

I started by priming all the different pieces for the lid with black Media Gesso.

Instruction Image #6

I dabbed black Media Modeling Paste on the foam board pieces with a palette knife creating a texture. The foam board is going to be the top and bottom of the case.

Instruction Image #7

I cut four pieces of chipboard to cover the gap in the corners between the frames. I attached ordinary round head paper fasteners, and made a dent in every one of them with a revolving punch to imitate rivets.


Instruction Image #8

I primed the strips with black gesso.

Instruction Image #9

I glued the frames and foam board pieces together.

Instruction Image #10

The chipboard strips cover the corner gaps. I added some pearls as well.

Instruction Image #11

I glued my lid together and then painted the whole thing black with Traditions Carbon Black.

Instruction Image #12

To make it look old and tarnished, I applied a few color washes of Fluid Acrylics in Quinacridone Gold.

Instruction Image #13

Some Patina Green Antiquing Cream adds to the old, tarnished look.

Instruction Image #14

I mixed Metallic Gold and Burnt Umber.

Instruction Image #15

And dry brushed all parts of the case.

Instruction Image #16

The doll inside is another story but it involves Media Crackle Glaze and Antiquing Cream!

Instruction Image #17