Create Your Own Packaging

Create Your Own Packaging

Posted by DecoArt on Apr 24th 2014

Gift wrapping is one of my favorite things to do.  I love putting as much effort in to the wrapper I put around a gift as I do actually making the gift itself.  I happen to have a huge amount of brown paper bags on hand that I use to package orders and for small gifts.  They make the perfect gift bag because I can customize them anyway I want.  Today I'm showing you these Painted Packages using some fun bold colors.

Items Needed:

  • Brown Paper Bags
  • Foam Brush
  • Handmade Foam Stamp, Store Bought Stamp, Or Stencils


Instruction Image #1

I had these two foam stamps that I made using foam core board and craft foam from my kids stash.  I used an xacto knife to cut two different shaped stamps and just hot glued it to a piece of foam core board.  I made them the width of my brown paper bags so they fit it perfectly.  You could also create these stamps on wood.

Instruction Image #2

This is so easy.  Simply paint on your acrylic paint with a foam brush to your foam stamps, then while working quickly so the paint doesn't dry on the stamp just stamp your bags.  When your done using the stamp try and wipe off as much excess paint as you can.  If your using a wood stamp with foam you could probably wash it.  Lay your bags flat to dry.  I only paint one side of the bags, but you could do both.

Instruction Image #3

Instruction Image #4

How cute are these bags?  I know you can buy pre-made striped bags, but I love the handmade factor and look myself.  These bags are good for sending cute snacks to school for the kiddo's with a sweet note, wrapping a quick gift, or if your looking for cute packaging for a product you sell. You can either close them up buy folding the top down and punching a couple holes and adding some fun bakers twine, or use some of your washi tape to seal them.  Either way, they will be adorable!

Instruction Image #5

Instruction Image #6