Creating with Others in Mind

Creating with Others in Mind

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 7th 2015

I had the opportunity to create artwork for the new DecoArt offices. It’s always a little scary to create for someone else or for a specific project. I got the colors and some patterns that were in the offices and dreamed up what I thought would be inspiring in an office setting. The most important thing when creating for others is to make sure to create from your heart and what you love. I hope you enjoy the process.

Items Needed:


I started with these media supplies and threw in a few other things along the way.

Instruction Image #1

On my 12x24 primed canvas I tore up book pages and put them down with matte medium.

Instruction Image #2

With my heat tool I dried that and used two DecoArt stencil and 4 misters to create the background. The misters work so well in this technique. The stay put when sprayed.

Instruction Image #3

The mister colors mixed beautifully together. Let dry.

Instruction Image #4

I then used fluid acrylic Titanium white and a palette knife and dragged that across the canvas.

Instruction Image #5

This neutralizes the canvas and prepares it for the next layer.

Instruction Image #6

Using Media Modeling Paste and Jacobean floral stencil I spread the modeling paste through the stencil on the outer edges of the canvas.

Instruction Image #7

I only use just a small portion of the stencil, letting it hang off the canvas. Making sure that I have a nice thick even coat of modeling paste. Make sure your stencil goes into water or goes to the sink to get cleaned so that you don’t ruin your stencil.

Instruction Image #8

It will take some time to dry. I used a heat tool to help it and then put it out in the sun for about a half an hour. Dry time will vary depending on the climate you live in.

Instruction Image #9

The next layer I used fluid burnt umber and glazing medium. I used 50/50 paint to glaze. After I mixed it together I brushed it on and with a wet rag rubbed it off.

Instruction Image #10

After the glazing was dry I brushed the dry Modeling Paste with Titanium White.

Instruction Image #11

and then added charcoal pencil around the stenciled design. This further brings out the Modeling Paste design. I sprayed the charcoal with a fixative. And using a piece of latch hook rug material as a stencil I added some white highlights using titanium white.

Instruction Image #12

I sketched out a phrase and painted it in with Paynes Grey Fluid Acrylic

Instruction Image #13

and then highlighted the edges of the words with Titanium White.

Instruction Image #14

I sealed the piece with Matte Varnish and I painted the sides black and signed.

Instruction Image #15