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DecoArt® Doers | ibleedheART

Posted by DecoArt on Jun 7th 2020

Today we are sharing another special story about an artist that we call a DecoArt® Doer. Ashley Reagan,  owner and creator of ibleedheART,  has such an incredibly big heart and amazing talent. Get to know her and her mission below.

Describe your art and mission.

Bringing joy to others, providing conversation starters, and supporting organizations that give back are the main goals of my heARTwork. I create many different earrings for specific purposes that give back to specific organizations; my butterfly wings give back to Okies for Monarchs and support their conservation efforts, the range of Protect and Serve earrings give back to a KT Memorial Scholarship Fund created in memory of my friend’s brother, and the Patriotic earrings give back to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Wounded warrior

What circumstance led you to start these programs?

I wanted my art to mean more than just something that would provide for my own needs and looked for ways to give back to others, even in some small way. The giving started with theKT Memorial Scholarship Fund which is awarded to one police cadet each year, and then things grew from there. The monarch wings came next and I found the perfect fit with the local Okies for Monarchs organization, knowing that the monarch population has been dwindling in recent years. The Patriotic earrings are more recent, and I love being able to give back to those who have fought for our freedoms!

Okies for Monarchs
Butterfly wings
KT Memorial FundWounded warrior earrings 1Wounded Warior Project
Wounded warrior earrings 2

How did you find out about DecoArt® paints?

DecoArt paints have been in my life since I was a little kid. I’ve always been artistic and had paint around, so it’s always been a familiar and quality brand to me. 

DecoArt Stylin paint

Why do you use DecoArt® paints for the products?

All of my earrings are created using embroidery thread tied around wire, then stiffened to keep their shape and hand paint with details using DecoArt®  acrylics.  I use a variety of different ones depending on the look I’m going for on the pieces. I love the metallics and Extreme Sheen® because they don’t look dull like other brands especially when it comes to the silver “dips” I do on some of the earrings, I use the black Americana® Multi-Surface Satin™ for the lines on the monarchs; it goes on so smooth and doesn’t need more than one coat, and finish them off with DeccoArt® Stylin™ white and yellow dots for vibrant colors.


Yellow supplies
Blue supplies
Orange supplies
Red supplies
What would you say to others who want to start an organization like this?

Go for it! Even if just starting out doesn’t look exactly what you dream of, a step forward is one step closer to that dream. Don’t let your doubts hold you back from pursuing it. Find a community that will cheer you on and be there for you when you need advice. And if you want to create something that will give back and help others, a little bit of research will put you in the right direction to find organizations and charities to support through your work. Be original in your work so you can stand out and easily be recognized for the style you create as your own.

Assorted earrings
What does your experience reveal about the maker and art community?

The Maker community I have found on Instagram has made a world of difference in my business. I’ve found them to be so supportive and encouraging and I’ve been honored to be a part of many auctions to help families who are adopting, relief funds after hurricanes and floods, and others who are in need. Kindness is how I would describe the Maker community in one word.

 Painting earrings

Do you have any personal favorite pieces of art you have created?

I almost always wear my monarch wings when I’m going out in public. I just love the bright colors and the ability to wear something that is inspired by my favorite butterfly. 
Butterfly wing earrings

Butterfly earrings 2

Finished butterfly earrings

What artists are YOUR inspiration?

I find so much inspiration from nature and the world around me for my own work, but find myself inspired by the drive of people like Missy from @thelittlegreenbean, Cari from @cariscanvas and Dana from @selahcreativecompany. Each of these ladies has been cheerleaders on many occasions and the creativity they share in the online community inspires me to keep going, keep working hard towards my own dreams, and to be unique in my own creations.

More earrings

Blue/green earrings

Bee earrings

Blue butterfly wing earrings
What else would you like to share with us?

Art has always been a method of healing for me throughout my life, so being able to create art that in turn will give back and help others heal is priceless. It has helped me through my darkest moments and I hope that my heARTwork can be a source of joy and light to others as well.

Yellow and red earrings 

Ashley Reagan
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