Decou-Page Journal Spread

Decou-Page Journal Spread

Posted by DecoArt on Feb 27th 2015

Create this textured decoupage journal page using gesso, modeling paste, glazing medium and more DecoArt materials!

Items Needed:


First step is to cover both pages of your journal spread with gesso. If your journal has a middle inclusion, gesso that also. Let everything dry. Tear pieces of your decorative tissue paper randomly and secure to your pages and inclusion, where you want, with Decou-Page Matte. Let this medium dry. The last step to this part of the project is to randomly place the modeling paste, using a palette knife, where you want texture to show when you add color.

Instruction Image #1

Now it’s time to start with color and this is where your texture is going to show up. Mix 1.1 of the antique gold deep and glazing medium. Using a brush or fingers, add this yellow randomly on your spread. Be sure and hit your modeling paste with the yellow. Take a baby wipe and remove some of the paint, leaving paint in the crevices.

Instruction Image #2

Take your collection of clip art and book text and add to your spread with Decou-Page medium. On my spread, the woman’s face was torn almost down the center, and attached to the page with Decou-Page. I ripped some book text in long lengths and added some permanent black dye ink to the edges, adhered in various places with Decou-Page. The Steampunk glasses/eyes were ripped and adhered with Decou-Page. My tag was also torn and the top and bottom parts were glued on the back of the inclusion. Then that inclusion was glued also to the right side of the spread.

Instruction Image #3

Almost finished. I glued some alpa stickers to both sides of the spread. For more texture, I used a pallete knife with more gesso. DecoArt’s Acrylic Gesso, also the Media line Gesso, have just enough body to get more peaks and valleys for texture. With my three greys from the Media line and glazing media, mixing 1.1, I started randomly adding these colors until I was pleased with the contrast.

Instruction Image #4

Final touches are a rubber and date stamp. The sentiment that I stamped, tore around the stamped area, distressed the edges with black dye ink, and adhered with the Decou-Page. The date stamp was stamped on the botton part of my tag. I brushed on a final layer of the Decou-Page over the entire spread just for good measure.

Instruction Image #5