Dia de Los Muertos Door Hanger

Dia de Los Muertos Door Hanger

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 6th 2016

Hi Y'all! It's Gwen from The Bold Abode. I'm so happy to be back today with something bright and colorful to share. I love fall, but sometimes the muted colors can get to me, so I had so much fun painting this Dia de Los Muertos Door Art.

I found this giant plywood Dia de Los Muertos cutout at my local craft store and thought it would be perfect for a fall door decoration!

I'm just gaga over how it looks against my new, soft blue front door.

Items Needed:

  • Assorted Brushes
  • Laser Cut Sugar Skull


Gather your supplies.

Instruction Image #1

This is a very simple project but does take a little bit of time.  I started out trying to paint one color, but then realized I needed to switch colors and work my way up the decoration.

This way I could see how the colors balanced and worked together rather than just randomly painting one color in several spots.

Instruction Image #2

I tried out several different brush sizes and found that for the larger areas, I could use a small, flat brush. Then for the smaller, more rounded circles and pointed areas, a small, finer tipped brush worked best.

Instruction Image #3

The colors are bright like a carnival party drunk on Rainbow Sherbet!

Instruction Image #4

Once I finished the painting, I let it dry overnight and then hung it outside on my front door first thing in the morning, just in time to give the morning walkers a bright and colorful greeting!

Instruction Image #5

I definitely think that the time spent painting was well worth it. It's such a fun, unique alternative to the usual Halloween decorations.

Instruction Image #6

What are you planning on donning your door with this fall?