DIY Aztec and Boho Ideas

DIY Aztec and Boho Ideas

Posted by DecoArt on Feb 17th 2016

Hello, DecoArt readers! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite tribal and Aztec projects.
Have you noticed the increased popularity in tribal, Aztec, and boho trends over the last year? I’ve been noticing it in stores recently, everything from nursery décor, clothing, accessories, and home décor. I tend to see a lot of tribal home décor paired with the succulent and cacti trend. I think a little greenery pairs really well with Aztec patterns, especially when they’re in black & white. Take a look at some of my favorite projects that you could easily recreate at home.

Create a fringed boho inspired pillow from a table runner via Francois et moi

Add a colorful boho bracelet to your wardrobe using this easy tutorial from Mark Montano

Create a modern aztec inspired wall banner in a few easy steps - tutorial via Pennies for a Fortune

Here's an idea for kids - DIY aztec tote bag. This is great project for summer beach trips or to keep school books in. Tutorial via Bespoke Bride

If you're looking for an easy way to add tribal art to your home try this canvas tutorial from Hashtag Blessed. You could using stain like pictured below or add a bright, colorful paint to match your home decor.

This DIY aztec inspired dresser makeover is a perfect example of pairing aztec patterns with indoor plants. Using stain, paint, and tape you can recreate this tutorial from Classy Clutter.

This aztec party is great for kids or even a baby shower. The aztec details give this party a modern feel and great for kids of all ages. Party via Kara's Party Ideas

I have never created a gallery wall but if I did I would use this Black & White aztec gallery wall as inspiration. The aztec details and neutral color palette are just my style. You can find all the details at The Crafted Sparrow.

Have you tried incorporating the aztec and boho trends into your home?