DIY Bird Plaque

DIY Bird Plaque

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 28th 2013

Want 2 Scrap has the neatest laser cutouts. This adorable set of birds is called “birds of a feather.” This embellishment had endless possibilities since it is such a trendy design; it could be mixed media, painted bright and colorful, or stick to a home décor look. As soon as I held it up to a plaque I knew home décor with a little mixed media twist was a perfect fit. Check out all the neat surfaces you can paint on from Want 2 Scrap and they all work great with DecoArt products!

Items Needed:

  • Birds Of A Feather- Chipboard Embellishment- 4052-I-CE (from WANT 2 SCRAP)
  • Large Wood Oval Plaque
  • Water Container
  • Palette Or Plastic Plate
  • Scissors
  • Paper Towel
  • Music Note Scrapbook Paper Of Choice
  • Leaf Colored Scrapbook Paper Of Choice
  • Glue Gun
  • Pen
  • Trace And Transfer Paper
  • Closed Cell Foam Paint Roller
  • Various Size Pain Brushes


Roll your paint roller in Marigold and paint the whole plaque. Add a little Snow White and blend into the center.

I continued adding color and blending using some Honey Brown, Santa Red, and Bahama Blue, keeping about 3 inches along the border.

I used a ¾” Flat with Burnt Umber and painted the edge of the plaque and blended a little around the front edge. I allowed my plaque to dry.

Next I used a #6 flat brush to paint the birds True Blue avoiding beaks and feet. I then used Burnt Umber to paint the branch.

Use a #1 Liner with Marigold to paint the beaks and feet of birds. Let those birdies dry completely.

I recommend a pen to trace and transfer pattern on to birds and branch then trace belly part of birds onto scrapbook paper of your choice. I happen to really like the musical notes paper. You could even use vintage sheet music.

Cut out the belly shapes and paste them down with decoupage.

I then used a #1 Liner to mix (1) part Snow (Titanium) White and (1) part True Blue to add the detail on the birds.

Dip your brush into  Mars Black and fill in eyes and details. Then use handle of brush dipped in Snow (Titanium) White to add reflection in eyes.

I used a #6 Flat with True Blue and mixed a little water to make a blue wash then shaded the scrapbook paper following birds contour.

Then with a #1 Liner mix (1) part Snow (Titanium) White with (1) part Marigold and use mix to highlight beak and legs. I used the same brush with Honey Brown to paint detail on branch.

I got my scissors to cut leaf shapes out of different scrapbook papers. You can make them fall colors or spring/summer depending on the paper you choose. Use your decoupage again to apply your leaves. Add the detail with your liner brush and Mars Black.

When both pieces are completely dry use glue gun to attach birds of a feather cut out where you would like on the plaque. I liked mine towards the middle so the sunset was directly behind them.

This is such a versatile design. You could even make it work for Christmas by changing out the colors. I think this will look great propped up on the back of my piano. Thanks for joining me!

- Micaela

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