DIY Farmhouse Apron

DIY Farmhouse Apron

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 11th 2019

Today I'm sharing an easy apron project you can make in no time! I used the new 2oz DecoArt SoSoft fabric paint to create this Farmhouse inspired apron.

I love wearing an apron in the kitchen when I'm cooking, so to be able to make my own customized apron using some of the DecoArt stencils was really exciting for me! Next, I need to make a special apron for each holiday!

So let's get started!

Items Needed:


I found a solid white apron at my local craft store to get the project started.

Instruction Image #1

First I started out using my farmhouse stencil. I added a little painters tape on the sides to help keep the stencil in place and a piece of cardboard behind my apron.

Instruction Image #2

Then I lightly went over the stencil with the Black Lamp shade using a foam brush. When adding paint to a stencil a little goes a long way.

Instruction Image #3

Instruction Image #4

Once I finished adding my paint, I removed the stencil immediately. I think it turned out pretty clean and even, don't you?!?

Instruction Image #5

After my black paint had fully dried, I added my lemon stencil next.

Instruction Image #6

What I love about these lemons stencils, is that they are reusable stick-on stencils.

Instruction Image #7

For my lemons, I really wanted to add a little dimension so I used two different shades of yellow: Cadmium Yellow and Bright Yellow.  I covered most of the lemon with Cadmium Yellow, then I shaded it with the Bright Yellow.

Instruction Image #8

Instruction Image #9

Look how perfect that lemon looks!

Instruction Image #10

Now to finish our lemon it's time to add the leaves. I used two shades of green for this step, the Olive Green and Avocado Green.

Instruction Image #11

Instruction Image #12

I used a thin paintbrush to connect the lemons and the leaves. After you added your leaves to the apron, you're all done!

Instruction Image #13

This SoSoft fabric paint makes a project like this super easy!

Instruction Image #14

There are so many ways you can make different styles of aprons like this!

Instruction Image #15

Instruction Image #16

Instruction Image #17

Now I'm ready to get cooking in the kitchen with my new farmhouse style apron! Let me know if you have any questions!

Instruction Image #18