DIY Glittered Party Cups

DIY Glittered Party Cups

Posted by DecoArt on Dec 28th 2015

Who doesn't love a quick and easy DIY party idea!?!  With New Years Eve just a few days away it's always fun to add some extra sparkle and fun to the festivities.  These DIY Glittered Party Cups are the perfect project for a night of celebrations.

Items Needed:

  • Clear Plastic Party Cups
  • Foam Brush
  • Glitter


Instruction Image #1

This project is perfect for any occasion, but I thought they'd be perfect for New Year's Eve.  To me gold and black scream New Years so I chose to grab those colors from my glitter stash.

Start by painting the bottom of your plastic party cup with a foam brush and DecouPage.  I wanted my glitter to be a little more abstract so I just painted the DecouPage on organically, if you want clean lines you can use some painters tape or washi tape to create a clean line.  You can also use a round foam pouncer brush to create polka dots.  

Just work in sections so the DecouPage doesn't dry before you get the glitter on.  I did one-half of my cup, then the other half and let it dry completely.

Instruction Image #2

Just sprinkle glitter over the wet DecouPage, tap off excess.  

Tip:  I always pour or sprinkle glitter over a paper plate or piece of paper so I can easily put the excess glitter back into the container.  To clean up any spilled glitter easily use a lint roller, it's my favorite little trick.

When the DecouPage and glitter are dry you can give it another quick coat of DecouPage to seal the glitter so it doesn't get all over your guests.  Let dry.

Instruction Image #3

Aren't they so cute?

Instruction Image #4

Perfect for all the festivities of the big night, or any party.

Instruction Image #5