DIY Journal Cover with Extreme Sheen®

DIY Journal Cover with Extreme Sheen®

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 15th 2021

A new year means a new journal to organize to dos, ideas, and goals. Those tasks are always more enjoyable when organized in your own gorgeous journal! This rainbow ombre cover is the perfect mix of easy and fun to help you be your best this year. Give a plain journal a shimmering update courtesy of DecoArt® Extreme Sheen™ Metallic Paint now available at

A journal cover painted in a metallic rainbow using DecoArt Extreme Sheen

DecoArt® Extreme Sheen™ is the brightest, water-based, acrylic metallic paint on the market. Uniform, metallic shine from the ultra-fine, reflective pigments provides the most brilliant, gleaming finish. Available in 28 traditional, as well as jewel-tone colors. Keep reading to learn how to use this paint to make a fabulous journal cover!

Items Needed:


Remove all tags and labels from canvas covered journal.  If there is an image or printing on the journal, paint the outside with Americana® Acrylic Titanium White using a soft flat paintbrush. Set journal aside to dry. The base coat will seal the canvas journal cover and allows for a smooth and even topcoat.

Instruction Image #1

Shake paints well before each use. Starting at the top of the back cover, and moving quickly, apply a stripe of Extreme Sheen™ Pink Tourmaline using a generous amount of paint on a soft flat brush and a light stroke. Feather the bottom edge of the painted stripe with a flicking motion. Clean the paintbrush between each color with water and dry with a paper towel.

Instruction Image #2

Repeat the steps above with Extreme Sheen™ Lavender Frost, so that this stripe is almost touching the Pink Tourmaline stripe. Blend the top edge of Lavender Frost into the bottom edge of Pink Tourmaline, adding a bit more paint to the brush as needed.

Instruction Image #3

Next, apply a stripe of Extreme Sheen™ Sky Blue Topaz and feather into the Lavender Frost stripe using a light, long strokes to blend the colors. When creating an ombre, always feather wet paint into wet paint.

Instruction Image #4

Finally, add a stripe of Extreme Sheen™ Jadeite and then blend into the Sky Blue Topaz adding a bit more paint to the brush as needed. For a smooth finish, use the flat paintbrush and apply the paint by brushing in one direction.

Instruction Image #5

Set the journal aside to dry completely, then flip over and repeat with the front cover. Add the ombre blend to the spine of the journal.

Instruction Image #6

Touch up the edges to finish.

Instruction Image #7

Add some personalization with the year, a name, or initials. For a bit more drama and sparkle, I used white glitter chipboard stickers to add the year, 2021. There is no need for a sealer to protect the painted surface.

Instruction Image #8

I love the brilliant shine DecoArt® Extreme Sheen™ adds to a simple canvas journal found in the clearance bin. The colorful gemstone shades make me excited to start planning 2021!

Instruction Image #9