DIY Kids PVC Water Table

DIY Kids PVC Water Table

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 23rd 2015

Cool down with kids with a fun in the sun water table using Multi-Surface Acrylics.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • 1/2" flat brush
    • piece of PVC pipe
    • plastic box
    • PVC Tee fitting
    • PVC elbow
    • PVC 45 degree elbow
    • pipe cutter
    • rubber mallet



    Let dry completely between painting steps.

    1. Cut the 30ft of PVC into the following cuts for the base (this needs to be semi-accurate, but not perfect): (qty. 4) 6" pieces, 13" piece, and (qty. 4) 18" pieces. You will also need four elbow pieces and two tee pieces.
    2. Cut more PVC into the following cuts for the middle section (where the bins will sit): (qty. 4) 3-1/4" pieces, (qty 2) 3-1/2" pieces, (qty 4) 2-1/4" pieces, (qty 2) 13-3/4" pieces, (qty 4) 10" pieces, (qty 4) 3" pieces, and (qty 2) 18" pieces for the water spout on top. You will also need 14 elbow pieces and eight tee pieces.
    3. Cut more PVC into the following cuts for the water spouts" (qty 2) 2" pieces, (qty 2) 2-1/2" pieces, and (qty 2) 3-1/2" pieces. You will also need four 45-degree elbows, two cross pieces, and six elbow pieces.
    4. After all the PVC is cut, using the remaining PVC to make a place for the pieces for dry. If a large pack of fittings is purchased ,there will be extras left to be used. See photo as reference. Paint all fittings Black Tie.
    5. Instruction #4
    6. Paint all the pipes. To get the random colors, put all the pipes in order of size and be sure not to paint any of the same size pieces the same color. Smaller pieces can be set on wax paper to dry while the longer pieces need to sit in your painting station to dry. Paint in Deep Turquoise, Lipstick, Shrimp, Coastal Waters, and Apple Green.
    7. Instruction #5
    8. Assemble the base as pictured below. T=Tee piece, E=Elbow piece. Add one 18" piece to each elbow to form the legs. Use a mallet to get the joints to go together easily. Once the PVC is painting, it is a little bit tighter going together.
    9. Instruction #6
    10. Make a rectangle with pieces in this order: 13 ¾, T, 2 ¼, E, 3 ¼, T, 3 ½, T, 3 ¼, E, 2 ¼, T, 13 ¾, T, 2 ¼, E, 3 ¼, T, 3 ½, T, 3 ¼, E, 2 ¼, T. See photo for reference. Connect the Tees on the long side oft he rectangle to the 18" legs from the base.
    11. Instruction #7
    12. Make the center pieces by connecting two 10" pieces together with a Tee and adding the 18" pole coming up out of that Tee. On the other ends of the 10" pipe, add an elbow and a 3" piece. Connect the 3" ends into the tees on the short side of the rectangle. See photo as reference.
    13. Instruction #8
    14. Assemble the water spouts. Start with a Cross (C) and connect pieces to that. See image for reference.
    15. Instruction #9
    16. Put in bins and fill with water.
    17. Instruction #10