DIY Locker Organization Board

DIY Locker Organization Board

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 10th 2017

It's that time of year, as much as some of us hate to admit it, for school to start! When I was in middle school and high school, it was the thing to line your locker door with printed off black and white pictures of Titanic and Leonardo Dicaprio. Does that age me? Well, luckily locker decor has changed a bit since then. This locker organization board is a cute way to keep your teen's locker organized, and even better, a great way for them to remember important things!

Items Needed:


Follow the instructions on the Chalk Finish Medium bottle, and mix it with Snow White. Do 2 coats of paint on the frame.

Instruction Image #1

Start from one edge, and lightly draw vertical lines going down the frame every 1 1/4". 

Instruction Image #2

Start from the top, and now lightly draw horizontal lines every 1 1/2 ".

Instruction Image #3

With a small round brush, go down each vertical line with Cotton Candy. This is supposed to have a hand drawn look, so no need to be perfect ...unless you want to be!

Instruction Image #4

Starting with the first vertical line, start making diamonds on every other line. The top and bottom of each diamond should be half way between the middle line of the diamond and the line on top/below it. Go across the vertical lines, on every other line creating diamonds. Each diamond along the vertical should touch sides with the diamond on the left/right.

Instruction Image #5

Now on the vertical lines that don't have diamonds, start creating them on the empty horizontal lines. These diamonds should fall in between the diamonds you made in step 5. Every side being parallel. 

Instruction Image #6

Randomly pick half diamonds (triangles) to add the Pearlizing Medium. You can mix this with the acrylic, or just brush it lightly over the Cotton Candy.

Instruction Image #7

Now use the Coral, and randomly paint triangles/half diamonds. 

Instruction Image #8

Do the same with the Laguna.

Instruction Image #9

Either mix the Pearlizing Medium with the acrylics once again, or brush it on randomly over the Laguna and Coral. Not every one, just a few of them.

Instruction Image #10

Cut your cork board to fit inside the frame using the paper that comes with the frame as a size guide. You'll want to cut 2 of these so the thumbtacks will fit in them.

Instruction Image #11

You can leave it in the frame like this not painted:

Instruction Image #12

 Or paint the cork board with the Snow White.

Instruction Image #13

Add the magnets to the back of the frame using hot glue.

Instruction Image #14

Hot glue the flowers to the thumbtacks and place them on the board.

Instruction Image #15

Paint your wood cutout decor, in this case, my "friends" piece. Hot glue it onto the frame. I also brushed on the Pearlizing Medium to the "friends" and the flowers.

Instruction Image #16

Instruction Image #17

 And now you have a great piece to hang in a locker! 

Instruction Image #18

And a super easy way to add pictures and reminders. You can also add the mini clothespins anywhere on the frame for more organization! 

Instruction Image #19