DIY Paint Splatter Art Supply Organizer

DIY Paint Splatter Art Supply Organizer

Posted by DecoArt on Dec 16th 2019

Items needed:
Americana Acrylics - Golden Yellow
Americana Acrylics - Green Lagoon

Americana Acrylics - Purple Petal
White desk organizer
Paint palette
Command hook
Small white clothespin 
Beacon quick grip
Grey adhesive vinyl
Cutting machine
Transfer paper

Step 1: Cover your work surface with either a large piece of paper or a table cloth. 

Step 2: Remove all of the sections of the organizer.  You’ll start with the largest section.

Step 3: Grab your paint palette and add all 3 of your colors.

Step 4:  Dip your paintbrush into the blue paint and begin flicking the end of it all over the side of the organizer.  Once you have enough splatters, carefully turn the organizer over and add splatters to all of the sides.  Set the organizer aside and let the paint dry.

Step 5:  Repeat step 4 on all of the other storage sections. NOTE: You will not be adding any paint to the tray that holds all of the sections.

Step 6:  You’ll add yellow and purple paint splatters to all of the organization sections letting the paint dry in between colors. After all of the blue paint has dried, dip your paintbrush into the yellow paint and add yellow splatters all over your largest organization section. You’ll add paint to all sides and then let dry. Repeat this step with of the organization sections

Step 7: Add purple paint splatters to all sides of the organizer.