DIY Painted Stool

DIY Painted Stool

Posted by DecoArt on Sep 1st 2013

DecoArt has some amazing new stencils that I could not wait to try. I grabbed one and an unfinished stool from Michaels. The resulting final project is just what my kitchen needed.  Anyone else have trouble reaching those top cabinets?  It is a pain right?  Well your solution comes in the form of this great painted stool.   

Items Needed:

  • Plain Wood Stool
  • Americana Mixed Media Stencil - Angular Motion


I started by painting my stool in Dolphin.  This was also the first time I used the Multi-Surface satin paints.  I used only two coats on my raw wood stool and the coverage was perfect.  So yes I am a huge fan of these paints as well.

Instruction Image #1

I then used a portion of one of the extra large Americana stencils as well as the Multi-Surface paints in Cottonball, Turquoise Waters, and Deep Turquoise.  All of these paints and stencils can be found at Michaels.  I used some painter’s tape to hold my stencil into place.

Instruction Image #2

I started with the Cottonball on the right most arrow shape.  I then did a gradient or ombre effect by mixing the different paints across my stencil.  Remove your stencil once you have finished painting (before your paint dries).

Instruction Image #3

I wanted a little extra special touch to my stool so I painted just the ends of each leg with Deep Turquoise.  It almost looks like I dipped the leg into the paint but actually I just free handed the effect on with a brush.

Instruction Image #4

Once my paint dried completely and I allowed to air cure for 7 days according to the package directions, I used the Americana sealer just on top.  I want to make sure all of my hard work stays in place even with little feet stepping on this stool constantly.

Instruction Image #5

I know our home will enjoy this cute little painted step stool.  Be sure to try out the new Americana Multi-Surface paints and stencils for yourself soon.