DIY Picture Frame Tray Garden

DIY Picture Frame Tray Garden

Posted by DecoArt on May 7th 2017

Do you love succulents but can't keep them alive and don't have the time to take care of them?  Well, today I am sharing a solution with this easy DIY Picture Frame Tray Garden.  This tray is made with a thrifted frame, artificial plants, and Patio Paint.  You can display this long-lasting tray garden inside on a coffee table or outside on your patio.

Items Needed:

  • Picture Frame
  • Paint Brush
  • Hardware Handles - 2
  • Rag
  • Artificial Moss And Succulents


Gather your supplies.  I bought all of the items listed above at my local craft store except the picture frame.  I bought the frame from a local thrift store for a quarter.

Instruction Image #1

I removed the glass and wood insert from the picture frame and used a piece of heavy duty sandpaper to remove the wood finish.  Take a piece of cloth and dust the wood before painting.  I discarded the glass.

Instruction Image #2

Next, I applied a couple of coats of Patio Paint in Pansy Purple with a brush or sponge.  Allow each coat to dry completely before applying additional coats.  Once this color has dried it is a very dark purple.  Allow to dry for 72 hours.  Patio Paint can be used indoor or outdoor and is a scuff-resistant acrylic.  It's self sealing and fast-drying.  Just use soap and water for clean up.

Instruction Image #3

To add some texture and the look of a white-washed affect, I applied a very small amount of Patio Paint in Summer Lilac which is a lighter purple with a clean white cloth.  Set the wood insert aside to let dry.

Instruction Image #4

While the wood is drying, I screwed two drawer pulls to the picture frame.  I found these black handles at my local craft store.  By adding handles it gives the look of a serving tray.

Instruction Image #5

Finally, I put the picture frame back together with the cardboard back and wood insert.  I added artificial moss and succulents in the cut-out square spaces in the wood insert.  This DIY Picture Frame Tray Garden is great for keeping succulents around for a very long time.  You can place this tray inside or outside to give you space a nice fresh pop of color and botanical feel.

Instruction Image #6