DIY Valentine's Day Cards

DIY Valentine's Day Cards

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 27th 2020

Use Americana® Acrylics and Galaxy Glitter to make unique paint blot Valentine's Day cards to share.


  • scissors
  • wax paper or freezer paper
  • extra fine permanent ink marker
  • watercolor paper
  • paintbrushes


  1. Gather supplies: Small paintbrushes; watercolor paper; freezer paper; fine-tip permanent ink marker; and a variety of Americana Acrylic paints and Galaxy Glitters. I will show Royal Fuchsia and Supernova Berry as an example of the technique.
  2. Instruction #1
  3. Cut a piece of freezer or wax paper approximately 6" x 6" and place small dots of paint randomly on its surface.
  4. Instruction #2
  5. Lightly fold over the freezer or wax paper, squishing the paint.
  6. Instruction #3
  7. Open the folded freezer or wax paper to reveal a paint blot.
  8. Instruction #4
  9. Cut or tear the edges of the watercolor paper to fit the paint blot image.
  10. Instruction #5
  11. Press the paper with the paint blot image onto the surface of the watercolor paper.
  12. Instruction #6
  13. Slowly peel off the paper and reveal a new image.
  14. Instruction #7
  15. Think what this image looks like to you. For example: This image looked like a poodle to me, so I filled in the negative white spaces with the same color of paint to make the image more apparent. Have fun and let your imagination run wild.
  16. Instruction #8
  17. Let dry completely. Add details with a permanent fine-tip marker. Hand-write "Happy Valentine's Day". Or add a TO: and FROM: for the Valentine's Day for school.
  18. Instruction #9
  19. Embellish each valentine with Galaxy Glitter for some sparkle.
  20. Instruction #10
  21. These will all turn out differently. That's the FUN of it. Use a variety of colors. And think of fun things to say with each of your Valentine's.
  22. Instruction #11
  23. You can simplify your color palette to black and red to make grown-up versions of these Valentines.
  24. Instruction #12