"Do Your Own Thing" Mixed Media Painting

"Do Your Own Thing" Mixed Media Painting

Posted by DecoArt on May 28th 2014

Encourage uniqueness with this mixed media creation featuring 60's icon Twiggy.


    • water container
    • paper towels
    • scissors
    • #3 round brush
    • 1" flat brush
    • 1/2" flat brush
    • palette knife or craft stick
    • cosmetic sponge
    • black fine-point permanent marker
    • old magazine
    • 10" x 10" canvas
    • clip art of hat and bird
    • image of girl



    Let dry completely between painting steps.

    1. Using Modeling Paste and a palette knife, create a texture around the edge of the canvas front. (Avoid where the girl's image will go.) Scrape and pull away with the palette knife to make random textures. (Create texture on the canvas edge, too.)
    2. Make a wash of Green Gold and paint with it over the canvas front and sides using the 1" flat brush.
    3. Wash watered down Vermilion over the sides and front edge of the canvas with the 1" flat brush. Immediately lift off some of the Vermilion from the edges with a wet, wadded up paper towel. (This can be done numerous times until you like the texture.)
    4. Do the same with Green Gold on the front of the canvas.
    5. Using the Timeless Treasures and Gears & Cogs stencils and a cosmetic sponge, stencil randomly on the canvas with Vermilion and Green Gold. Stencil random circles on the canvas in the same two colors. For a soft effect, dab off most of the paint from the cosmetic sponge.
    6. Print out a clip art hat and bird from the Internet. (Both should be around 1-3/4" tall.) Cut them out. Cut a girl's face out of a magazine or find one online. (You can enlarge it on the copier to about 6-1/2" tall. Mine is a black and white photo.)
    7. Find interesting letters in the magazine headlines or use lettered scrapbook papers. Adjust the letters' sizes with the copier and cut them out. (Refer to photo.)
    8. Decoupage down the girl, hat, then bird using the 1/2" flat brush, the #3 round brush, and Americana Matte Decou-Page.
    9. Using the #3 round brush, decoupage down the letters with Matte Decou-Page. (Refer to photo for placement.)
    10. Using the #3 round brush and Vermilion, paint loosely around the top edge of the canvas. Rub off some of the paint to soften. With the #2 liner brush and Vermilion, add squiggles and spirals randomly.
    11. Draw little dots and dashes and scallops around the letters with the permanent marker to accent and add character.
    12. With the #3 round brush, add a little color to the photo. Make a very watery wash of Vermilion to wash on her face. Immediately lift it off with a wet paper towel if it's too dark. Make a bolder wash of Vermilion for her cheeks and lips.
    13. Put a light wash of Cobalt Teal over the hat with the #3 round brush.