Easter Party Succulent Favors

Easter Party Succulent Favors

Posted by DecoArt on Mar 7th 2016

 I love terra-cotta flower pots that are chippy and aged and while there are lots of ways to achieve this look, I'm kinda crazy about what happened when I used Americana Chalky Finish Paint and Americana DECOR Creme Wax!

I experimented with techniques to see which outcomes I liked the best, I'll show you in just a second!

Items Needed:

  • Tiny Terracotta Pots
  • Shallow Jar Or Bowl
  • Dirt And Plants To Fit Your Pots
  • Paint Brushes


After painting the tiny pots,  I simply added some of my cuttings from my succulents.

Every time a tiny leaf or stem breaks off of one of my succulents, I stick it in this pot. (I call it the hospital :) ) Succulents are true survivors, those broken pieces simply sprout roots and continue to grow!

Instruction Image #1

And when transplanted in tiny pots, they make the cutest little gifts!

Instruction Image #2

Gather your supplies

Instruction Image #3

First I put a little water into my jar- then added some Chalky Finish paint and stirred - You want the consistency thick enough to leave color on the pot but thin enough to act as a wash.

For the first technique, I submerged my little flower pot...

Instruction Image #4

On all sides!

Instruction Image #5

It came out looking like it was color washed--soft and pretty...

Instruction Image #6

I quickly painted the bottom part of the pot with the wax, a little of the blue paint came off which it turns out was good ...

Instruction Image #7

Because when I put it back into the watered down chalky paint, look what happened!

Instruction Image #8

Next, I tried brushing on wax before dipping the pot into the watered down paint. I put wax only on certain parts of the pot...

The result was kinda wonderful!

Instruction Image #9

And lastly, after dipping a clean pot into the watered down paint, I dry brushed a bit of the New Life paint over the Serene (blue)- my thought was the New Life paint would look a bit like moss on the terra cotta...

Instruction Image #10

After gently wiping off some of the green, here's what I was left with...

Instruction Image #11

I love the looks of these pots so much that I'm going to do some larger terra-cotta pots with the same painting/aging technique!

(before you add a plant to your pot, it's a good idea to line the pot with plastic wrap to keep the paint from seeping into the soil)

Instruction Image #12

Do you have a favorite?

Instruction Image #13

After adding a bit of Cactus Soil and a few rooted cuttings from my succulents these will be perfect little gifts for my lady friends at Easter Brunch! (One of these plants (far right) is an Air Plant and I simply filled the pot with tiny pebbles before adding that one!)

Instruction Image #14

I hope you have a spring full of all things new my friends -xo