Easy Distressed Photo Display

Easy Distressed Photo Display

Posted by DecoArt on Feb 14th 2014

Distressed wood is all the craze right now but painting a board then distressing it can be a lot of work! We’ve cut out a lot of steps (and dry time!) by creating a faux distressed piece of wood that doubles as a clipboard, clothespin style!

Items Needed:

  • 8x24 Piece Of Wood
  • 12x12 Faux Wood Paper X2
  • Foam Brushes
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 4-6 Fun Clothespins


Instruction Image #1

Depending on your design of preprinted “distressed” photo paper you will need to cut it down to 8” length. This design worked well since it is two-tone.

Instruction Image #2

Trace the paper onto the wood so you know where to make your cuts.

Instruction Image #3

Cut the wood to around 8” length x 24” width.

Instruction Image #4

Using your foam brush, paint the edges Burnt Umber to match the paper. Note: Depending on your style of paper, paint the edges the same color as the underneath “distressed” color of the paper.

Instruction Image #5

Once the acrylic paint is dry, lightly brush a thin coat of Paper Decou-Page onto the wood and press the paper over it.

Instruction Image #6

Using a squeegee (or credit card) smooth out any bubbles.

Instruction Image #7

Once the paper is snugly adhered to the wood, hot glue a dab onto the back of 4-6 clothespins.

Instruction Image #8

Once the hot glue is completely cooled, simply clip cute quotes, photos, recipes or anything else to them as an easy memo board or everyday clipboard!

Instruction Image #9

I love this faux clipboard! Mine is hanging near my family room with a simple “2013 wrap up” of our family’s year... from an updated family picture to simple notecards (we found ours at Joanns) written with our favorites or big events, it is a cute reminder of how fun last year was in our family. :)

Instruction Image #10