Face Your Fears Triptych

Face Your Fears Triptych

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 2nd 2017

Halloween is the perfect season to use some of the Andy Skinner stamps and I have combined them with some fabulous small greyboard shapes from Tando Creative to create this Halloween Triptych. 

Items Needed:


Take three media boards and paint them with black gesso.

Instruction Image #1

Using Andy Skinner's stencil apply black modeling paste - it doesn't have to be an all over coverage.

Instruction Image #2

Find a piece of leftover painty card that will fit in with your planned colour combinations and stamp some words.

Instruction Image #3

Layout your design so that you know where everything will go and adhere the chipboard pieces and some metal spacer beads to add more interest.

Instruction Image #4

Make up a spray of fairly watery Titan Buff and spray over the chipboards and the background.

Instruction Image #5

Spritz water around the chipboard pieces and dab on raw umber, let it drip around and then heat dry.

Instruction Image #6

Spritz the chipboards with water and randomly dab on some Burnt Sienna and dry.

Instruction Image #7

Spritz with water again and this time randomly add dabs of Paynes Grey and dry. You van see how the color is beginning to build up n all three boards.

Instruction Image #8

Spritz around the metal elements and the chipboards and add dabs of both Raw Umber and previous colours if they're needed and dry.

Instruction Image #9

Spritz lightly all over with water and dabble Quinacridone Gold in a couple of areas on each board and dry.

Instruction Image #10

Take Iced Espresso and Orange Flicker lustres and paint over some of the chipboards and metal beads and if necessary dabble on some Paynes Grey. Raw Umber and Quinacridone Gold to create well mixed, dripped and metallic grungy effects and dry. Spray with the Titan Buff and add a wash of Quinacridone Gold

Instruction Image #11

Using Titan Buff rub over the top cog and stamp over the oval and rectangle chipboards.

To create the raven daub embossing ink onto some card large enough to take the raven stamp, heat emboss with black EP, when cool repeat with clear ultra thick EP and repeat again with black and brown EPs sprinkled together. On this last round whilst it still hot stamp the raven having inked him up with versafine black pigment ink. Leave the stamp to cool in the embossing before removing it. Add some paint to the body and wings to subtly bring out the features.

Instruction Image #13

Adhere the bird and words onto the boards and mix up a dirty glaze - I have a tutorial on my blog for this which can be found here - and paint it over everything on the three boards to seal and unify them.

Instruction Image #14

Take a piece of leftover greyboard and make a panel for the back.

Instruction Image #15

I hope you enjoy the grungy style and even if you don’t like to use Halloween images the steps and techniques will work with whatever you have.

Thanks for joining me today. Happy crafting.

Instruction Image #16