Fall Harvest Decor

Fall Harvest Decor

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 27th 2015

I just love decorating for fall, especially incorporating all the amazing colors of the season. This year, I wanted to create something special. I used a found a thrift store plate stand and added Chalky Finish paint and Creme Wax to make something unique and festive.!

Items Needed:


Instruction Image #1

Here’s my bargain find— a metal plate stand.

Instruction Image #2

Paint the metal stand with Delicate.

Instruction Image #3

Then do a light coat of Rustic on the leaves. The idea is to layer the paint, so that much like a fall leaf, there will be many different colors.

Instruction Image #4

Brush Romance on the leaves.

Instruction Image #5

Add some Heritage.

Instruction Image #6

Paint the frame with Rustic and paint a little New Leaf on the leaves. Then go around the leaves with Rustic. Apply Creme Wax.

Punch holes in the chipboard letters and string with twine. 

Instruction Image #8

Arrange faux pumpkins on plates.

Instruction Image #9

Tie a burlap bow on frame.

Instruction Image #10

Add letters and plates. 

Instruction Image #11