Fall Pumpkin Village

Fall Pumpkin Village

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 31st 2014

Build a pumpkin village with MagiKote™ Styrofoam and fill it with Patio Paint Outdoor™ color.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • sandpaper
    • 1" flat brush
    • toothpicks
    • thick white glue
    • #12 flat brush
    • #1 liner brush
    • craft knife
    • two 3" thick Styrofoam sheets, one cut to 4" x 3"
    • three 1" thick Styrofoam sheets, one cut to 2.25" x 2"
    • three 1/2" thick Styrofoam sheets, one cut to 2.25" x 2" and one to 1" x 1/2"
    • 3", 2", and three 1" Styrofoam balls
    • #1 and #2 round brushes
    • clay tool or similar
    • raffia
    • two small twigs



    Let dry completely between painting steps.

    1. MAIN HOUSE: Cut the house from the sheet of 3" Styrofoam. (See pattern 3.) Cut the handle from the 1" sheet and set aside. (The shaded area in the design of the house is cut back an additional 1/2", as shown in pattern 3.)
    2. Using a clay tool or something similar, press indentations into the Styrofoam where dotted lines appear. (See pattern 3.) Continue the indentations randomly on the back side of the house in the same manner. (This "sculpting" adds depth to the house.)
    3. Round off and smooth out the indented areas.
    4. Press in the areas where the door and windows will be. (See shaded area of pattern 3.) Use sandpaper, if needed, to smooth any areas that are too large to press away. (Refer to photo for further detail needs.)
    5. Break a toothpick in half and dip it into white glue. Stick the toothpick into one end of the vine and then into the top of the house. Repeat for the other end of the vine and attach it to the smaller portion of the house.
    6. Apply two or three coats of MagiKote over the entire house, allowing to dry between coats. Sand with sandpaper to smooth the piece before painting.
    7. Using a #12 flat brush, paint the entire house Tiger Lily Orange. Let dry and brush on Marigold highlights.
    8. Using #1 and #2 round brushes, paint the house as follows: windows, Deep Buttercup; door, vines around door and windows, windowpanes, and attached vine, Very Berry; bushes, Mistletoe Green and highlight with Sweet Pea; door trim and berries on bushes, Holly Berry Red; and doorknob, Deep Buttercup.
    9. MARKET AND SEED SHOP: Cut out the market piece. (See pattern 2.) Sand, as necessary, to get the desired shape. Use a scrap piece of Styrofoam to cut out the stalk for the top of the market, as desired.
    10. Run the bottoms of all the Styrofoam balls across the sandpaper to flatten.
    11. Carve the pumpkin buildings with a clay tool or something similar to create grooves and indent doors and windows
    12. Cut a small Styrofoam piece for each shop sign, 1" for the seed shop and 1.25" for the market as well as a small ledge for the windowsill. Press the edges with fingers to round off and smooth.
    13. Attach stalk, signs, and sill with 1/2 toothpick dipped in white glue. (See photo.)
    14. Apply two or three coats of MagiKote. Let dry; sand smooth.
    15. Paint all pumpkin buildings Tiger Lily Orange, then highlight with Marigold. Paint the stalk for the market Very Berry, then brush with a little Holly Berry Red and Mistletoe Green.
    16. Paint the windows Deep Buttercup and the doors, Very Berry; accent with Holly Berry Red.
    17. Add vines and outline the corn and apple sign in the window with Very Berry; add apples in the store and outline on corn in Mistletoe Green and Sweet Pea.
    18. Attach small stalks on top of the seed store by gently pushing in twigs that have been dipped in white glue.
    19. SCARECROW: Cut his body from 1/2" thick Styrofoam. (See pattern 1.) Cut a base from 1" thick Styrofoam measuring 2.25" x 2", and taper upper edge. (See pattern 1.)
    20. Using a clay tool or fingers, push in the sides of the scarecrow's body to smooth out and contour cut edge of body and base.
    21. On his head, use a tool to carve in lines similar to a real pumpkin and smooth.
    22. Sand, if necessary, any places that may be jagged.
    23. Using MagiKote, cover each piece two to three times. Allow to dry. Sand again, if necessary, to smooth out.
    24. Paint scarecrow head Tiger Lily Orange; highlight with Marigold.
    25. Paint his shirt Marigold and pants, Hydrangea Blue. Detail, using same colors. (See photo.)
    26. Paint scarecrow's face and lines on shirt Wrought Iron Black.
    27. Paint base Holly Berry Red.
    28. Using the handle end of a small paintbrush, put a hole in the tip of both arms and legs. Put a dot of glue in each hole and push a small bundle of raffia in each. Trim.
    29. Make a raffia bundle for behind the scarecrow by cutting pieces of raffia approximately 3.5" and tie them together with another piece of raffia. Place a toothpick in the center and poke into base behind the scarecrow. Attach the stalk, signs, and sill with 1/2 toothpick dipped in white glue. (See photo for placement.)
    30. HAY WAGON: Cut 1" Styrofoam ball in half and a 1" x 1.5" rectangle from the 1/2" thick Styrofoam sheet. Cut four additional pieces for hay bales, measuring 3/4" x 1/2". Using a clay tool, press an indentation into the center of the rectangle. (See pattern 3.) On the wheel, make indentations using a clay tool, to simulate grooves like a real pumpkin. Using fingers, pinch hay bale pieces and compress, smoothing them out. Sand, if necessary, or just use fingers to press the edges smooth.
    31. Coat each piece of Styrofoam with two or three coats of MagiKote; allow to dry.
    32. Sand, if necessary, removing any bumps.
    33. Paint the wagon Holly Berry Red, followed by streaking small lines of Marigold for accent.
    34. Paint the hay bales Marigold; paint details on them with Pinecone Brown.
    35. Paint the wheels Tiger Lily Orange, and highlight with Marigold.
    36. Assemble by dipping small twigs into white glue and then pushing them gently into the front face of the wagon. Attach the wheels, using 1/2 of toothpick on each; dip toothpick section first into white glue, pierce into wagon, and then add on wheel. (See pattern 3.)
    37. MARKET DISPLAY: Cut a 1.75" square out of 1" Styrofoam. Cut at an angle at 1/2" center of top to 1/4" from bottom. Cut bottom pedestal. (Refer to pattern 2.)
    38. Using a clay carving tool, indent the area of the facing, to create dimensional effect of shelving. Use sandpaper to smooth all edges.
    39. Cover entire piece with two to three coats of MagiKote and allow to dry thoroughly. Sand lightly.
    40. Use a brush that best fits area to paint the entire surface Holly Berry Red.
    41. Paint the indented area where shelf is located using 1:1 mix of Marigold and Pinecone Brown and add the shelf again using Holly Berry Red.
    42. Outline the shelf and paint the base Wrought Iron Black. Paint items on shelf using Fiesta Yellow for honey jars, Tiger Lily Orange for oranges, and Mistletoe Green streaked with Fiesta Yellow for watermelon.
    43. MARKET ACCESSORIES Cut out a 1" x 1/2" rectangle from the 1/2" thick Styrofoam sheet. Using fingers, pinch the edges to smooth them and compress sign.
    44. Run one side of 1" Styrofoam ball across the sandpaper to create a flat spot to help the sign stand erect.
    45. Use a clay tool to push indentations into a 1" ball to make it look like pumpkin with pile of apples on top. (See photo.)
    46. Coat the ball and rectangular piece with two to three coats of MagiKote and allow to dry. Sand pieces lightly to remove any bumps.
    47. Paint the toothpick Very Berry.
    48. Paint the sign Tiger Lily Orange and lightly brush Very Berry around the edges of the sign. When dry, write "APPLES" in Wrought Iron Black.
    49. Paint the pumpkin Tiger Lily Orange; highlight with Marigold. Paint the top of the pumpkin to look like apples, using Geranium Red. Outline apples with Wrought Iron Black.
    50. Assemble by dipping end of toothpick into white glue and sticking it carefully into the top of the apples. Dip the other side of the toothpick into glue and stick carefully into sign.


    Village Pattern #1
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